Think Wednesday: Seven “thoughtful” moments

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Yesterday was amazing. But if anyone thought Think was slowing down … not at all! We are in the home stretch at our largest IBM event ever. Yes, it’s a bit crowded here, but it’s a crowd of people ready to be part of the new world of AI.

Below are some of the highlights from our Wednesday. If you’ve got your own, leave us a comment or use the hashtags #Think2018 and #WatsonIoT to share it with us.

1. “It’s absolutely amazing what the possibilities are for the driver of the future.”

– Scott Monty, CEO, Co-Managing Partner, Brain+Trust Partners

Today’s Facebook Live found Scott Monty along with Steve Surhigh, VP of Cloud Services, Harman International, and host Ryan Boyles inside the Harman concept car. Broadcasting live from the front and back seats of the Maserati, their conversation centered around the need for a car experience that keeps the driver connected and safe. No wants distracted drivers. But in an increasingly connect world, we’re asking the wrong question. It’s not “how do we disable the driver?” Instead, we should ask how do we enable a safe, connected and contextual experience. Listen to the full and fascinating 10-minute conversation here:

2. “Success depends on all the right things happening all the time.”

– Dr. Wayne Morgan, Corporate Vice President and the President of Protein Products, Golden State Foods

Golden State Foods is either a little big company or a big little company, depending on how you look at it. Regardless, it’s safe to say that very few companies care as much about food safety as they do. That’s because they’re heavily involved in the quick-service restaurant businesses, counting McDonald’s and Starbucks as their customers. And while their business produces condiments, produce, shakes, and handles distribution for back-of-store deliveries, their protein division is the true bread and butter, accounting for 90 percent of the business. Each day, they produce 5 million patties. And while it might seem simple to take some meat and make it into a round shape, as Dr. Morgan explained, there’s a lot of processes, people and technology behind each patty. They’re also working closely with IBM to create the optimal manufacturing environment. This vision is a master control room that uses real-time data to have real-time visibility in a user-friendly environment.

golden state foods ecosystem vision

Part of Golden State Food’s presentation at Think, outlining their future vision.

3. “To the beach!”

Speaking of connected vehicles … Having an in-car assistant that actually gets you makes for a much better – and personalized – driving experience. We’re debuting our new video this week, and invite you to take a look. Plus, I’m a fan of a guy in a bow tie!

4. “IBM is the new black.”

– “A friend”

Black is the go-to sartorial choice because it’s works with almost everything. Amazingly, so does AI. Throughout the event, we’ve heard company after company describe the impact of that deep, continuous learnings have had on their businesses. Watson Assistant, is a great example. Because it constantly learns, it enables brands to design an assistant that truly goes with everything. And it’s just one one of so many examples that make IBM the go-to choice. Consider us the little black dress for business.

5. “We want to make their day a better day every day”

– Keith Hamer, Global VP Asset Management, Sodexo

Sodexo, a French food services and facilities management company headquartered in Paris, serves 75 million customers and 425,000 employees daily across eighty countries. Their core vision is to improve the quality of life for their customers by enabling a connected workplace. What are some of the key elements of a connected workplace of the future? Nearly every aspect of the workplace has potential to be improved by harnessing the IoT, including parking, hiring, booking conference rooms, cleaning and dining.  Learn more about Sodexo’s journey with Maximo.

6. “It turns out 10% is a lot in the mining industry.”

– Patrick Murphy, President PA Rock Drills and Technologies, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology

Transparency in a mining operation has always been a challenge. By using Optimine, powered by Watson IoT, Sandvik is able to compare mine models with the actual layout to enable changes and improvements in real time. Watch the video to learn more about the cool applications of this tech in underground mining.

7. “I finally earned a private office and now it’s gone.”

-Darlene Pope, Global Practice Lead, JLL Smart Building Program, JLL

Many workers now have the ability to work from anywhere – a hotel, airport, coffee shop, or even the “park” in Mandalay Bay. It enables more flexibility and productivity for the workforce. It is becoming far more uncommon to have an office or assigned seat in a building. When we envision what buildings will look like in 2050, they will feature adaptive environments, co-working spaces that are “on-demand”, and will feature more of a blend of home, work and play. They will also be smarter, incorporating features like GPS systems to help navigate a building. Rather than needing to wander in circles trying to find room A3416, you can plug it into your phone like you would if you were traveling to a destination.

park at mandalay bay think

Attendees working from their “office” at Think 2018.

Don’t forget to check out all of the great highlights coming out of Think by reading the daily recaps.

Let’s stay in touch this week.  You can follow us on Twitter @IBMIoT and, Facebook, where we’ll be hosting Facebook Lives each day.

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