What we THINK about: Enterprise Asset Management

By | 5 minute read | February 15, 2018

It’s that time of year again. What time, you may be asking? The time of year to think about what new challenges you will take on and how you will execute them. To think about ways your business can innovate with new enterprise asset management (EAM) technologies. And, most importantly, to think of ways to meet and network with new peers and leaders in your industry. Luckily, all of this can be done at IBM Think. In a first-if-its-kind event, IBM is combining all prior events that you may be familiar with (i.e. InterConnect, WoW, Edge, etc) into one incredible event in Vegas from March 19-22. Will you join us?

Network with enterprise leaders

First of many reasons to attend is the people. With 40,000 expected attendees, there will be no shortage of conversations, connections, and education. This will include Ginni Rometty, and the new IoT General Manager, Kareem Yusuf. This is in addition to the many session speakers delivering great content around EAM and the future of IBM Maximo.

Dive deep into innovative Enterprise Asset Management

As track chair for Maximo Enterprise Asset Management, I’ve had the pleasure of helping to bring together some of the most thought-provoking customer stories, and highlight new IBM offerings throughout the track. We’ll be exploring innovative approaches to managing assets and ensuring reliability and uptime. Below, I’ll share just a few of the topics our clients will spotlight during the event.

Keynote: State of the Enterprise Asset Management Union

Our track keynote features Terrance O’Hanlon from ReliabilityWeb, who you may know from their MaximoWorld and IMC annual events. This executive keynote will bring a perspective of steps that can accelerate your journey towards digital transformation. We’ll explore how leaders are using IoT data, predictive maintenance and augmented reality to drive improved EAM outcomes.

Panel session: The next frontier is mobility

A panel session, ‘The next frontier for Enterprise Asset Management is Mobility,’ will focus on Field Service Management. We’ll hear from industry leader Westar Energy and ‘Toughbook’ innovator and partner, Samsung. This session will share best practices on maintaining and servicing assets in the field. By increasing productivity, reducing errors, and capturing data at the work source, mobile can help identify problems before they happen.

GIS and Weather, together

Did you know that IBM Watson uses location and weather data together to drive more effective infrastructure and correction? Especially when it comes to maintaining high-cost and high-risk assets such as wind turbines at sea and transmission towers in rugged terrain.

This session will discuss a new, innovative and integrated deep-learning solution to aid inspection, maintenance and repair of weather-impacted assets. The solution is comprised of:

  •       Watson Visual Recognition
  •       Esri ArcGIS geospatial analytics and map visualization
  •       IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management
  •       Weather Company data
  •       Elements of the IBM Data Science Experience (DSX)

When we bring these elements together, we can realize two immediate benefits: improved worker safety and lower maintenance costs.

Managing your robotic assets

How does the world’s largest industrial robot maker manage a cognitive factory? Masahiro Ogawa, Corporate VP & GM Robotics Division, Yaskawa Electric, will be at THINK to tell us.

How EAM is reinventing operations

IBM’s Stephan Biller, VP of IoT Product Strategy talks us through the way companies are reinventing operations with Enterprise Asset Management. Stephan will examine how to get the most value from enterprise assets connected to a digital ecosystem. He’ll also explore how data analysis can yield insights that drive smart-decision making for predictive maintenance and inventory optimization.

At this session you can learn from organizations that are well on their way to achieving this. Organizations that are using digital twin to improve processes and asset reliability. And performing cutting-edge analytics on asset and business process data to uncover patterns and optimize inventory. You will walk away with more than just new ideas. You’ll also have the practical information necessary to help you drive excellence in your company’s business operations.

Extending Enterprise Asset Management with Blockchain business networks

This session provides an overview of IBM Maximo and Blockchain integration. It will cover available solutions, use cases and how to get started. Connecting Blockchain applications to Maximo streamlines business processes and opens up new business opportunities. Maximo can send transactional data to the blockchain, which incorporates the data into a business transaction. It then stores the record in a shared, indelible ledger. Secure and irrefutable sharing of data between parties enables a new generation of open, transactional applications that streamline business processes.

Talk to our clients and partners

Our clients and partners are ready to share their Enterprise Asset Management experiences. You’ll learn how Esri, Daqri and Samsung are expanding the ability of Enterprise Asset Management to ‘locate’ and ‘see’ assets in the field. You’ll hear from our energy and utilities clients: Cenovus Energy, Kuwait Oil Company, Diamond Offshore and Yaskawa Electric. Or our transportation clients, Atlanta’s MARTA, Cummins, and Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The campus floor will bring additional opportunities to learn. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that’s been put into really making it feel more like a community – with theatre sessions, demos and food service all contained in our Business and AI area. There will be a cognitive car and cognitive factory exhibits and lots of time for networking and interaction.

Not convinced yet? Let us entertain you!

These are just some of the highlights, but there’s a lot more to come. You can even build a tailored curriculum with the help of IBM Watson to ensure you use your time effectively. Get started here.

And finally, there’s the all-important chance to let your hair down. The growing entertainment line-up includes award-winning performers Train, Bare Naked Ladies (BNL) and the Chainsmokers. How are you going to decide?

Register today

I hope that helps convince you of the value that Think will provide.  I look forward to seeing you there! Register today for THINK 2018, and join me and 39,999 friends in Las Vegas.