The next evolution in space: use data and AI to make your facilities even smarter

Understand the trends and nuances of your spaces for a more robust picture

By | 2 minute read | January 28, 2020

IBM TRIRIGA, the next evolution in space: use data and AI to make your facilities even smarter

Every day, I talk to people who want to improve the performance of their space and their buildings. No matter what industry they’re in, our conversations almost always include the same three questions:

“How can I get most value from expensive space?”

“How can I better engage my employees in that space so that they’re happier and more productive?” 

“How can I use my data and AI to make my facilities even smarter?”

Because space matters.

Why is there so much emphasis space?

Simply put, space is expensive, and often, it’s the second highest cost to the organization. Yet talent is an even greater cost, and the competition for skilled workers is getting more intense. A great workplace experience is one way to win and retain employees, so it puts even more pressure on companies to create the most cost-effective, yet engaging spaces possible.

That’s why we’re evolving space optimization with the latest versions of our intelligent real estate and facilities management solutions. With TRIRIGA and TRIRIGA Building Insights, we’ve taken the WiFi technology you most likely have in place already and added new AI-driven capabilities that give you a much more robust, complete picture of your space and how it’s being used.

If you’re the head of corporate real estate or facilities management, this lets you see—at an enterprise level—the trends and nuances of your spaces, from data-centers to cafeterias to conference rooms and everything in between. It also means no more siloed data, especially critical if you have large, complex portfolios. Ultimately, it’s about having the insights necessary to make smarter decisions.

How it works

Let’s say you need to expand the number of occupants on a floor but have to keep your costs flat. With TRIRIGA, you can look for under-utilized spaces, like large conference rooms, that could be remodeled to accommodate more people. The solution is smart enough, too, to factor in outlying events, so that data isn’t skewed. Armed with all this information, your space planner can adjust the layout of the floor to create other workspace options. They can also quickly address any employee moves or better save you money with smart space consolidation.

Our customers have successfully used technology to create the right workplace experience with real benefits to the bottom line. Hear Sandra Corkern from EY discuss how they achieved amazing results for one of the world’s largest professional service firms.

AI also helps deliver a more engaging workplace experience. That’s why we included TRIRIGA Assistant in this new release. It’s a smart, conversational AI assistant that allows users to engage with the spaces around them. Imagine how much time employees can save by simply asking an app to reserve a conference room, order catering, submit a service request or locate an office. It’s the same frictionless technology that we all have in our homes, and another way to meet the ever-growing expectations of your workforce.

Your workplace … your competitive edge

If you’re got questions about your own buildings, join our upcoming webinar, Turn your workplace into a competitive edge. The workplace can be a distinct advantage in the fight for critical talent, controlling costs and mitigating risks. I’ll be talking with Susan Clarke, Principal Analyst with independent research firm, Verdantix. Together, we’ll focus on some very timely topics, including how data and AI can help you make smarter space planning decisions, and why now is the time to prepare for economic changes.