The cobbler’s children have no shoes: Why engineers must adopt AI now.

IBM Requirements Management solutions help manage the entire engineering lifecycle

By | 2 minute read | August 30, 2019

Every day, engineers in every industry are faced with rising complexity in product development. Today’s connected products require new capabilities and features that use massive amounts of data and artificial intelligence (AI). That’s because consumers now demand sophisticated digital innovations, and organizations leap over themselves to meet changing market expectations. This is great news for everyone: digitally transformed, AI-enhanced products that improve our daily lives. But recently, analysts told me that unless AI can also improve how we engineer products, it isn’t performing its proper role. In other words, it’s great to build AI into what we create, but we now need to use that same technology to improve our process for creation. This is why IBM offers a line of requirements management solutions for engineers — solutions that infuse AI into your engineering process.


IBM Requirements Management solutions improve products from their inception

Industry studies indicate that 47 percent of projects fail due to poor requirements management. Additionally, surveys show that effective requirements management reduces development costs by 57 percent and costs of quality by 69 percent. Improving requirements also accelerates time to market by 20 percent. These are impressive numbers – numbers that you likely want to report during your next assessment.

To learn more about IBM’s AI-driven requirements management, watch this brief video about it. In it, you’ll learn about the cost savings, time reduction, and other benefits of IBM® Engineering Requirements Management solutions.

Using the right tools, you no longer need to waste productive work hours using old fashioned paper, spreadsheet and email-based techniques. When you leverage AI from IBM Watson® to optimize requirements management, you reduce rework, avoid delays and help ensure compliance. In the end, you lower costs and time to market while improving quality and client satisfaction. So not only do the cobbler’s children have shoes, they’re wearing hand-sewn Allen Edmonds Bradley Cordovan dress shoes.

Learn about all our IBM engineering solutions

IBM has been focused on refining its suite of end-to-end engineering lifecycle management solutions. These comprehensive applications help with the entire engineering lifecycle — from product inception, through design and development, right to completion and post-launch management. Each phase of the process is efficiently managed to ensure optimum outcomes in quality, timing and economy. For more information, read about our IBM Engineering Requirements Management solutions:


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