Level up your IoT game with new skills and competencies

By | 1 minute read | September 5, 2016

How the Internet of Things (IoT) will change your life for the better

Many organizations see the need for IoT, but they haven’t yet worked out exactly what it means for their industry and for their company in particular. Organizations worry that IoT will be a really disruptive technology which will allow their competitor’s to get to market first, taking out a whole market sector which had previously been their oyster. These organizations want to get ahead of the curve by trying out small prototypes. Getting things moving enables organizations to try things out, which leads to better understanding of the art of the possible, which in turn leads them to explore potential projects within their organization.

It is easy to try experimental projects using Node-RED, IBM Bluemix and Watson IoT Platform. Visualizing the linkage and watching the rapid progression from a single prototype through to a big operating at scale thing becomes achievable because you can put the Node-RED flows on a screen and show people exactly what set of things are actually linked, and how.

Node-RED is an important open-source visual for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. This simple tool makes it easy to wire together real-world events, add in some intelligence, and access simple nodes to integrate them with existing messaging systems and social platforms and Watson IoT to create applications that can react to the world around them.

Get started using Watson IoT and Node-RED by trying out this new recipe.

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