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By | 3 minute read | July 26, 2018

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Welcome to the latest entry in my “Get Connected” series. Cars, washing machines, lawnmowers, fleets of trucks. No matter what assets you have, they are facing the same set of challenges: the quality of the actual asset and the quality of the service delivery of the asset have swapped places; they all break and need maintenance, they all need to be compliant and they need to be customized to fit your clients’ needs. And you need to be more efficient at doing all these, or you will fail short.

The quality of your service delivery today is what makes you stand out from your competition. No matter what is happening behind the curtains, efficiently managing the production time, yield, and warranty will lead to a high-quality delivery of your service. And that means the inventory is in the right spot, with the right people deployed in the delivery of service. You can predict where and when assets will go out of service, and you can respond in real-time to incidents. Unfortunately, less than 30% of the enterprises today are efficiently managing their assets.

It’s the services delivery that makes you stand out

Let’s explore how to achieve service delivery perfection and prevent production downtime, yield and warranty issues. One of the best ways is to better manage the way you schedule your workforce and assets. Using IoT data in a field service management solution helps you make smarter decisions around your deployed workforce. You can have simplified assignment of labor, faster tracking of mobile crews’ progress, and better work performed by mobile technicians. It’s time to get rid of manual processes and large paper trails to understand what is really happening in the field.

Yesterday’s asset management was all about a paper trail going from your financial systems to account for the depreciation of the asset. Today, that discussion has moved away from the simple financial talk and into connected assets, connected services, connected client feedback and connected satisfaction. Today you must ask yourselves: is your data still sitting on servers on a factory floor, delaying your processes or can you get the right data in the right time to make better decisions?

Ask yourself: is your data just sitting on servers on a factory floor or is it giving you the ability to make better decisions?

One solution, numerous benefits 

A field force management solution offers many unique benefits. First, you can optimize maintenance and service scheduling to better plan how people and resources are used. This is done by utilizing asset data and real-time weather data to prioritize and allocate resources based. Second, you can reduce fuel costs and improve productivity by optimizing travel routes with work mapping and asset visualization capabilities. This gives your dispatchers the power to adjust scheduling and dispatching in real time, based on data such as location, craft, skill and weather. Finally, you can empower your field technicians with critical data anywhere and at any time. This is done via mobile capabilities and makes it possible to retrieve and input needed information whether they are online of offline.

There are numerous client examples of leadership, no matter the industry. In China, Macao Water reduced service backlog and improved yield of their fixes by making sure they are done right the first time. In Canada, Enmax, an energy and utility company, ensures compliance using mobile devices that enables them to quickly report near-misses, hazards, safety observations and eliminate root causes of major incidents.

Learn more!

These companies only represent the minority; 70% of the enterprises out there can do more. Our IBM solution is based on the most current version of Maximo, and it brings together intelligent scheduling, dispatching and mobility, all on a single integrated platform. If you want to further understand what it does and what are the benefits it could bring to your company, you can learn more about Maximo and IBM’s field force mobilization solutions at: You can also find us at Maximo World, August 7-9 in Orlando.

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