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By | 4 minute read | March 14, 2017

Latest IoT news

Now you can get more from IBM Watson IoT Platform with IoT Sense. Created for developers and engineers like you, IoT Sense helps you:

Innovate with new capabilities

  • Test new recipes
  • Read interviews with start-ups, engineers, developers and makers
  • Stay up to date on current technical innovations including the latest from the Watson IoT Platform
  • Keep your skills sharp through IBM sponsored training
  • Most importantly – discover what other like-minded developers are up to in IoT
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Figure 1: IoT Sense, Issue 2, 2017

Keep up with what’s going on with IoT

For your convenience, you can view previous issues of IoT Sense here:

2017, IoT Sense

Issue 2, 2017 IoT Sense


New IBM developerWorks TV Show series: Visit the Hands-on IoT show page, check out the videos already in the can, and go ahead and subscribe to receive future videos right in your inbox.

  • Practical tools and resources: Edge Analytics SDK Kit.
  • Gateway Access Control Beta: register and connect gateway devices to the Watson IoT Platform and allows the Gateways to act on behalf of their attached devices.
  • New cook books, tutorials and recipes.
  • Interviews: IoT start-ups and entrepreneurs – Learn how to take a good IoT idea from concept to venture.
  • How to use IBM Blockchain and the Hyperledger development environment to create and test your own smart contracts from IBM-provided sample contracts; develop and deploy smart contracts in the form of Golang chaincode executables.
  • Announcements: Indiegogo, Arrow Electronics and Watson IoT are teaming up to bring you a ground breaking platform designed to provide start-ups with a one-stop program aimed at accelerating the pace of innovation for Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Plus much more.


Issue 1, 2017 IoT Sense


  • Prototyping with Watson IoT Platform & AT&T Flow Designer.
  • New advanced security capabilities for Watson IoT Platform.
  • New information management features for Watson IoT Platform
  • Robotics competition.
  • An overview of blockchain-enabled IoT solutions demonstrating how to use the IBM Blockchain with Watson IoT Platform.
  • Hunting Legionella with Watson IoT Platform.
  • Interview with Mika Lammi, Head of IoT Business Development for a breakthrough blockchain project at Kouvola Innovation. Kouvola is a transportation hub, home to over 200 logistics companies.
  • The Developer’s Guide to Exploring and Visualizing IoT Data will help you implement end-to-end analytics workflows at scale, from data acquisition to actionable insight.
  • Plus much more.


2016, IoT Sense

Issue 4, Dec 2016, IoT Sense


  • IBM named leader in IoT software platforms.
  • IBM Watson IoT Platform Security and Policies Dashboard beta.
  • What’s the difference between IT and IoT security?
  • Learn about advanced features to manage IoT security threats.
  • A prototype is worth a thousand meetings.
  • An event-driven IoT scenario that uses serverless technology powered by OpenWhisk. The demo highlights an edge-to-cloud scenario that integrates Watson IoT Platform, OpenWhisk, and IBM Bluemix services.
  • Check out a new series of recipes we have just released on storing and visualizing historical IoT data. This recipe series is broken into three parts, focusing on key stages in the process.
  • And much more.


Issue 3, Nov 2016, IoT Sense


  • Getting security right in light of DDoS attacks.
  • Learn the monetization opportunities of human-machine interactions.
  • Speed up IoT development. Try out this preview release of a set of nodes, device simulators and a sample application in Node-RED that can speed up your IoT development work.
  • With millions of mbed devices on the market, integration with Watson IoT Platform is key. Device developers now have a one-stop-shop to leverage IBM Watson analytics, storage and security with a direct connection to ARM mbed.
  • Learn more about Bragi hearables.
  • Integrating EnOcean’s energy harvesting sensors with IBM Watson IoT.
  • Using location and IoT together to track devices in urban environments.
  • And much more.


Issue 2, Oct 2016, IoT Sense


  • IBM Watson IoT contributes Node-RED as an open source JS Foundation project. Node-RED makes IoT more accessible by helping developers quickly wire together hardware devices, APIs and online services using an easy drag-and-drop interface
  • How can you track high value items, even if they are small, and low power “things” everywhere, without adding cost? Skyhook and Watson IoT have the answer.
  • Good things come in threes: To suit the needs of development teams, Avnet has a selection of IoT dev kits to speed up prototyping IoT solutions. There are threeWatson IoT-enabled kits available, so developers can choose the kit best suited to their needs.
  • Never miss a conversation. Sentiment analysis can provide valuable contextual insight. Incorporating sentiment analysis into your apps is a step toward cognitive IoT, which can help improve decision making.
  • And much more.


Issue 1, Sep 2016, IoT Sense


  • Blockchain means big changes for IoT. Are you ready?
  • MQTT IoT is now an ISO/IEC standard. Find out what it means.
  • Edge analytics delivers the right data to the cloud.
  • Full marks for the IoT Developers Guide to the internet. IBM Watson IoT have paired with Coursera to offer A Developer’s Guide to the IoT. The course provides challenging and rigorous instruction, catering to the needs of new IoT developers.
  • Level up your IoT game with Node-RED: Success with IoT development depends on being able to try out new prototypes quickly. Using Node-RED, IBM Bluemix and Watson IoT Platform together gives you the capabilities to do just that.
  • Control your drone with Watson IoT Platform.
  • Moving fast with Olli. From concept, to prototype, through design, out into the market, and taking orders for sales of vehicles – all in less than three months. That’s what disruptive technology is about.
  • Interview: PhotonStar: Stepping out of the comfort zone with Watson IoT Platform.
  • Hacked off with Pokémon Go.
  • Interview with Master Inventor and IoT Evangelist Andy Stamford-Clark: World domination, favorite patents, and how MQTT became a standard protocol used by millions of people.
  • How to hack a dinosaur with Node-RED, Watson IoT Platform and a Raspberry Pi.
  • And much more.