IoT security: don’t just set it and forget it

By | 1 minute read | December 13, 2016

IoT Security

IoT security has been thrust into the spotlight as companies are realizing that a plan for protecting their IoT devices and data is no longer optional.  It’s not a will “we have an IoT security strategy?” conversation that’s happening…it’s “what is our proactive approach?”  How do we outmaneuver potential attackers…as once data is in their hands, our brand’s reputation could be as well.

This makes me think about the food I put in my slow cooker this morning.  I don’t always have a plan when I use the slow cooker, sometimes I throw in ingredients that I think might work, turn it on low, and hope they will become something yummy before dinner (or at least edible…I’m not known for my culinary prowess).  I contemplate how IoT security is (unlike my slow cooker) definitely not a set and forget type of thing. Instead, it’s a lifecycle approach where adjustments are made over time to strengthen the outcome.

IoT security

As our systems get smarter, our ability to view what’s “normal”, detect potential threats, feed them into predictive models, and determine appropriate actions that can be taken to mitigate will be the standard. Cognitive risk management will allow continuous evolution and improvement over time and some of the guesswork will be removed.  But this doesn’t mean human intervention isn’t needed as well, especially in areas like device protection or if-then procedure determination.  You can’t simply come up with a plan and walk away from it hoping for the best.

In this infographic, we take a closer look at our recommended lifecycle approach for IoT security.

A balance between opportunity and risk

IoT security infographic

IoT security infographic


Having this kind of lifecycle mindset means you are doing your best to get out in front of potential attackers, anticipating moves before they can make them.  Because of the complexity of IoT devices in the physical world, you must be proactive and you must be thorough. IBM is a partner that can enable you to move forward on your IoT lifecycle approach with confidence.

…..I wish I had as much confidence in my simmering dinner!