IoT security round-up: January 2017

By | 3 minute read | February 1, 2017

Security round-up

The latest information about IoT security

IoT has the potential to create real business value and transform industries. While the insights gained from IoT data drive revenue streams and forge lasting customer relationships, businesses need to protect and secure their entire IoT environment.


Announcement: Watson IoT Platform adds advanced security capability & price plan

New Advanced Security IoT service capabilities that extend Watson IoT Platform with Threat Intelligence for IoT are now available. Visualize critical risks in the IoT landscape and create policy-driven mitigation actions to automate operational responses for millions of devices. Learn more.

Webinar: Secure your IoT implementations – similar, but not the same

Webinar topics: Existing and emerging capabilities for Watson IoT Platform; discussion of security features that address a spectrum of designing, building, deploying, and operating IoT solutions to enable a risk-based approach to applying security capabilities. Register to join.

Video: Cognitive IoT security explained

Wondering where to begin when securing your Internet of Things environment? You need to be proactive in detecting threats and setting policy actions.  With a lifecycle approach, a cognitive system analyzes security data into actionable knowledge to enable continuous security and business improvement.

Video: IoT security explained

How are you going to design, deploy and manage your Internet of Things environment? Security is one consideration that cannot be overlooked. With data coming from devices connected to the physical world, you need an IoT platform you can trust. Learn more about the security features built into the Watson IoT Platform and the additional capabilities available through an advanced security pack.

Infographic: IoT security: Don’t just set it and forget it

Don’t risk it. Strike the right balance of IoT and IT security for your apps and services. Check out the blog and infographic.

Announcements: Security first

Here’s a single stop where you can monitor to keep up to date with the most recent security features and capabilities available for Watson IoT Platform. Bookmark the blog.

A golden oldie: Tech tutorial – securing IoT devices and gateways

From authentication, including certificate-based authentication, to authorization, to application ID validation, this series of articles focuses on the architectural tiers of an IoT application that is based on IBM cloud platforms. The articles describe a solution-based approach to minimizing security risks in IoT applications by using services that are readily available in IBM cloud platforms, and provide tested techniques for securing IoT applications.

  • Part 1 of this series describes the various approaches for securing devices or gateways.
  • Part 2 focuses on the security aspects of the network and transport tier, which includes the IBM Watson IoT Platform.
  • Part 3 provides the security requirements for the application tier, and an implementation approach for an analytics IoT application that is created in the IBM Bluemix platform.


Tech tutorial: Implementing blockchain for cognitive IoT applications, Part 1             

An overview of blockchain-enabled IoT solutions, this tutorial demonstrates how to use the IBM Blockchain platform for an IoT application in a multi-partner environment. Learn more.

Interview: Kouvola Innovation – transforming the logistics industry with blockchain

Interview with Mika Lammi, Head of IoT Business Development for breakthrough blockchain project at Kouvola Innovation. Kouvola is a transportation hub, home to over 200 logistics companies.

Bluemix docs: Getting started with Watson IoT Platform Blockchain integration

Your IoT devices can provide data to blockchain transactions with the Watson IoT Platform blockchain integration. The device data is stored in the immutable ledger of the blockchain and the data is used in the business rules that are implemented in the smart contracts. Read the documents.

News: How IoT and blockchain will reinvent the global supply chain

As blockchain-based transactions become more sophisticated, the business network as a whole will achieve greater levels of autonomy, ultimately evolving into self-governing, cognitive business networks. These autonomous organizations will stretch our definition of what it means to be a dynamic enterprise. Down the road, every consumer will benefit as IoT and blockchain reduce costs, increase the speed of getting products to market, and better monitor quality. In an IoT-blockchain universe, the burgers are always perfect. Learn more.

Community: Watson IoT Platform community

Stay up-to-date on new information with the Watson IoT Platform Community. Discover technical resources for developing IoT solutions.