IoT ruins movies: The Dark Knight Rises

By | 3 minute read | August 19, 2016

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Setting the scene

Working with Watson IoT, everything starts to change. We talk about it all the time; IoT has an impact on everything from buildings to cars to the weather. As I have spent more time digging around to understand the revolution of IoT, I have seen that it has changed the way I see everything, including movies and entertainment.

I love going to the movie theater or a night at home watching a classic. However, as I’ve been exposed to the potential of the Internet of Things, I find myself twisting the plot with several “what-if IoT could” questions. My brothers are huge superhero movie buffs, and last week we sat down to watch the Dark Knight Rises. I found myself questioning what could change with IoT. What if Batman or the police had access to connected buildings data and sensors? Could Bane have been stopped before destroying Gotham city?

The film: The Dark Knight Rises

Gotham city finds a sense of peace after years of being terrorized by the Joker. Batman was blamed for the murder of Harvey Dent, the city commissioner, and took a step back from fighting crime with his tarnished reputation. Eight years later, Bane, a member of the League of Shadows, comes to terrorize Gotham city to take it over. Bane proves to be relentless in taking down Gotham, and the police force cannot seem to fight back. Through several acts of terror, Batman is forced out of hiding and takes back the city.

How IoT could ruin The Dark Knight Rises

Connected smart buildings, bridges, transportation, etc. are everywhere. Preventative maintenance is a key use case for IoT devices. Sensors can be placed anywhere and could have helped the police force be aware of certain other devices Bane left around the city in pursuit of destruction. The police couldn’t defeat Bane on their own because they never knew where Bane would strike next. If connected devices had been available on the bridges, the football stadium, or any other key building, they could have disarmed the bombs as they were placed, this because devices could detect an unusual set of activity.

Preventative maintenance: smart buildings

With the help of the Internet of Things, buildings are brought to life. They adapt to our needs, whether that’s a need for better AC or the vending machine needing maintenance. This model can be applied to everything from cars, planes, bridges, and even sports arenas. The IoT would have been extremely beneficial in preventing Bane’s rampage.

  • When Bane tries to shut down transportation to and from the city, an IoT sensor on the bridges would detect unusual activity. With that information, police and the Batman would have known to take down and disarm the bombs.
  • During the football game, the special forces would have been able to arrive sooner with the knowledge of what had happened to the field after the bombing. As things began to break down, help and law enforcement could know much sooner.
  • With connected devices, Batman could have known with a surety that things were falling apart. While he received news updates, he brushed them off in thinking his reputation was still damaged and others could handle the mess on their own. If he had known that buildings were falling, bridges were breaking, and the tunnels had all closed down, he could have jumped in sooner to save the day.

Would the Batman have been able to save the day with the help of IoT smart buildings? I think yes! In his world of top technology, knowing distress before it happens would prevent disasters from happening.

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