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Discover how IoT data, AI, 5G and edge computing lead to a more adaptable operations infrastructure

By | 3 minute read | April 7, 2020

A smarter business ensures the reliability of critical assets and the adaptability of operations to enable business continuity. When powered by AI, IoT and reliable weather data, connected operations empower you to view how assets perform in real-time, manage them from any location, and ultimately reduce operating costs. Further, data from 5G and edge computing infused into business workflows can uncover insights that will lead to a more adaptable operations infrastructure.

IBM can help you bridge IT and operational technology (OT) through secure end-to-end digitization. We have the products and people to help you achieve as much as a 40% reduction in asset maintenance costs, a 20% reduction in buildings operations costs and up to a 30% improvement in yield at enterprise scale. Together, we can:

Ensure efficient and reliable equipment operations.

Insights from connected assets and untapped data sources, such as weather, are critical to understanding the preventive, predictive, and prescriptive actions needed to maintain equipment, optimize performance, and avoid downtime. Predictive maintenance alone can reduce costs by 15% – 20%, improve asset availability by 20% and extend the lives of machines by years. IBM Asset Optimization consulting services, and market-leading IBM Maximo® platform (including EAM, APM and Asset Monitor) fueled by insights from The Weather Company provide IT and OT leaders with a complete view of asset performance, and enables them to monitor assets remotely, predict failures, and reduce manual inspections. Maximo can deliver rapid ROI through industry-specific solutions and worldwide ecosystem of developers and partners who have delivered solutions in 90+ countries. Further, companies with millions of dollars in spare parts inventory, maintenance and repair operations can employ our MRO Inventory Optimization solution to free up working capital and drive 20% reduction in inventory carrying cost.

Utilize space and reduce costs through intelligent real estate and facilities operations.

By digitizing facilities and applying the insights from the Internet of Things (IoT) data and AI, you can yield a 20% savings on total building operations costs. IBM Building Optimization services help you digitally reinvent virtually all aspects of facilities management. In combination with our customizable and flexible IBM TRIRIGA®  facilities management solution, you’ll glean insights from sources such as sensors and wireless networks to help achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure occupant health and safety.

Streamline product development through engineering operations.

Improve the alignment between the assets you operate and the connected products you engineer. Product Lifecycle Management and Connected Solutions services connect asset, engineering and supply chain operations to give you oversight across the product lifecycle. IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) digitizes the engineering process using integrated industry methodologies such as SAFe and agile, allowing you to collaborate across geographically dispersed teams. By infusing AI into the development of complex products, and integrating product data into development, ELM helps you deploy new features and functions at enterprise scale.

Improve product quality and yield with intelligent, secure, and adaptable manufacturing operations.

AI-powered manufacturing—with solutions deployed at the edge—can drive up to 30% yield improvements and 15% waste reduction, and 5-10% reduction in operating costs, and accelerate your journey to Industry 4.0. IBM Visual Insights assesses product quality and detects anomalies, while IBM Production Optimization optimizes settings, throughput, quality, and energy to maximize efficiency. Combined with our IBM Maximo solution, you’ll be able to implement secure, AI-powered, connected manufacturing across the value chain, while employing the power of Edge Application Manager to optimize operations through predictive and prescriptive analytics that connect IT and OT. Further, our IBM Security OT solutions help secure networks and endpoints to avoid impact on the safety, availability, reliability and predictability of workers and operations.

How can IBM help you?

And, in an environment where preserving cash while investing in innovation is a necessity, IBM offers flexible payment plans to help you start projects sooner and enhance your return on investment.

IBM possesses the essential combination of software, services, and industry expertise to build intelligent workflows that respond to rapidly changing conditions. Wherever you are in your digital journey, we will partner with you to deliver the AI-powered insights and consultative services required for more resilient business operations.

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