Reimagine your customer’s experiences with Watson Assistant and IFTTT

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The launch of Watson Assistant in March was about the “what if” that an AI-based digital assistant brings to today’s businesses. Namely: what if you could create truly personalized experiences for your customers? What if you could drive engagement with your users while ensuring privacy and trust? What if you could create experiences that learn with your users?

With today’s IFTTT announcement, we’re helping to further lay the groundwork for a truly infinite world of “what ifs.”

IFTTT, the company on a mission to build a more connected world, is a free, open platform. It’s designed to help users create, access and automate a nearly limitless number of tasks. And with these connections, consumers have a simple way to get their products and services talking to each other.

The Revolution is coming

For businesses, it’s a revolution in reimagining the customer experience. When Watson Assistant works in combination with the IFTTT ecosystem, companies have a way to create entirely new connections for customers. These connections will make life more convenient, more secure, more informative and even more fun. And an added bonus: development teams can take advantage of IFTTT’s established, trustworthy ecosystem, saving time and money in bringing new services to market.  With Watson Assistant, companies can help and engage with their users. And with IFTTT and Watson Assistant together, those experiences can work with every product in the Internet of Things.

Today, consumers expect more from their product, especially when it comes to unique, personalized experiences. That’s why smart companies are creating connected products that truly leverage the power of AI and IoT and do more for users – much more than they could do in isolation. And with each new connection, the company builds brand loyalty and seamlessly blends into their customers’ everyday lives.

The future is only going to get more connected. It’s time to make the most of these connections for smarter products and more satisfied customers. Learn more about IFTTT and Watson Assistant today.

About Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant is a new AI assistant designed for business. It’s designed for:

  •       Your brand: with Increased engagement and loyalty
  •       Your customers: with continual learning for customized experiences
  •       Your data: with private and personalized insights

The result? An assistant that builds brand loyalty with your customers and delivers new revenue opportunities for your business, all while keeping your data private and secure.

Listen and learn why Watson Assistant is the best choice for your business

If you’re interested in how you can give create personalized experiences for your customers, attend the Watson Assistant overview webinar. In just 15 minutes, you’ll hear how your brand can have it’s own voice. Sign up today.

Sign up for the Watson Assistant webinar and learn how you can give your brand a voice.

Spend 15 minutes and learn how you can give your brand a voice with Watson Assistant.


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