Are you IoT ready?

By | 2 minute read | August 24, 2016

Are you IoT ready?

IoT is hot and getting hotter. Consumers use it for health monitoring and ‘smart’ home devices, such as thermostats and appliances. On the business front, a piece of equipment — or any business asset, really — can be tagged, monitored, and analyzed. This might include a sensor-enabled pressure valve on a piece of drilling equipment, a tagged piece of construction material, food moving to market, or a chip placed in an employee badge, not to mention smart cities, smart power grids, and more.

As its value becomes better understood, many organizations are looking to deploy Internet of Things analytics projects. These organizations will need to assess where they stand in terms of readiness for the Internet of Things, both alone and relative to other companies.

The Internet of Things readiness tool

In August 2016, TDWI launched its IoT Readiness Assessment tool, which helps guide organizations on their IoT journey. The assessment looks across five dimensions that impact readiness, including organizational readiness, big data readiness, and analytics maturity.

The TDWI Readiness Assessment Tool is an online survey that asks questions to help respondents understand how prepared their organization is to leverage an Internet of Things implementation to change their business model, improve operations and/or to improve the customer experience. When you complete the online questionnaire, the Assessment Tool immediately provides you with scores that quantify your organization’s IoT readiness.

To help interpret your personal score, you can download the TDWI IoT Readiness Guide. The Readiness Guide is designed to help readers understand IoT and the critical factors that affect the success of its implementations, especially how the data is analyzed and used.  This guide accompanies TDWI’s IoT Readiness Assessment Tool. This Readiness Guide provides a primer on IoT and analytic readiness, an explanation of the Readiness Model, and tips for interpreting your assessment scores. It’s best that you read this guide before taking the assessment, so that you are prepared to interpret the scores displayed at the end of the questionnaire. Even so, the guide and the tool both make sense standalone, so you can consume them in either order.

IoT readiness webinar

Register now to understand how you and other organizations stand in relation to IoT readiness. The TDWI IoT Readiness webinar is an interpretive presentation and analysis of the state of the Internet of Things readiness within organizations. Based on data gained from the online Readiness Assessment tool, Fern Halper, VP and Senior Director of TDWI Research for advanced analytics, will guide you through the insights gained from the first-hand research.

Join this roundtable Webinar in October to learn more about the TDWI IoT Readiness Assessment and hear some preliminary results. Author Fern Halper will lead a lively discussion with the sponsors of the assessment and get their take on Internet of Things. You will learn about:

  • The keys for readiness
  • Internet of Things readiness patterns
  • Research insights into where organizations are in terms of Internet of Things readiness
  • Best practices for moving ahead