The pragmatic return to the workplace: strategies you can use today

Learn how to ensure the safety of your places and your people as you consider reopening facilities

By | 1 minute read | June 25, 2020

Discover how you can ensure occupant safety and facility compliance as you begin to reopen your facilities

Where and how we work has never seemed so complicated.

As organizations grapple with when to ask employees to return to the workplace, some things are obviously out. Gone for now are tightly packed seating arrangements, cozy collaboration spaces and crowded elevators.

Now, your return to the workplace strategy has to ensure the safety of your places and your people as you consider reopening facilities.

If you’re looking for pragmatic advice on how to build your own return to the workplace strategy, join The journey back to work: Business continuity and occupant well-being across your facilities.

Join us for IBM TRIRIGA Academy for pragmatic return to the workplace information and advice

This is just one of the insightful sessions at the TRIRIGA Academy

From ensuring your facilities operations and maintenance are ready to developing robust business continuity plans to a demonstration of the technology, this session gives you information you can use now.

Join David Blanch, TRIRIGA Offering Manager and Traves Peterson, IBM Sr. Client Technical Specialist for this event. Together, they will highlight ways that you can use TRIRIGA to:

  • Monitor and manage occupancy to optimize space utilization.
  • Organize spaces and provide workplace services to ensure occupant safet
  • Ensure readiness across your facilities by adhering to new protocols and processes.

This session on the pragmatic return to the workplace is part of the TRIRIGA Academy. It’s a free and on demand online learning platform. We know that the way you need to manage your real estate and facilities has changed. So we’re changing the way you can learn more about it. TRIRIGA Academy, replaces our annual face-to-face experience and is designed to give you the real estate and facilities management knowledge you need … anywhere, anytime.