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By | 3 minute read | August 28, 2018

Welcome to a new edition of our Get Connected series. Today we are going to talk facilities management. This topic touches us all on a daily basis as we can all relate to how we experience a building. Just think about the things you pay attention to as you walk in. Is it the right temperature? Is the elevator slow? If a light is out, do you feel safe and can you get it fixed easily? If your energy bill is high for the month, does it prompt you to explore why? Buildings are becoming increasingly more complex. But with this complexity comes great opportunity.

Facilities management is often disjointed

Enterprise facility and real estate managers today must answer many questions when it comes to their buildings. Questions such as:

  • How much building space sits unused?
  • Is space optimized to meet occupant needs?
  • Is maintenance optimal and available when needed?
  • Am I on track to be compliant with new lease accounting standards?
  • Is energy use monitored and managed effectively?

These are critical questions to answer when it comes to keeping operating costs low and occupants happy. However, many organizations currently utilize multiple tools – or no tools – to answer these questions. Aligning the numerous tools used to manage different parts of the organization suddenly becomes highly complex and difficult to manage.

Let’s take maintenance as an example. Providing timely completion of work and avoiding asset failures is critical. But many companies are losing the ability to ensure fast, consistent processes that support these needs. A company’s ecosystem has many different parts with different maintenance requirements and different sources of truth. This requires a maintenance system optimized to track preventive maintenance schedules and ensure occupants can request maintenance on-demand.

You are going to have lots of data on your buildings. Is it working for you?

Improving the operations of your buildings comes down to data. No matter the industry in which you operate, it’s critical to have the capability to aggregate data easily. You must be able to take that information and analyze it to make better operational decisions. This enables you to have clear visibility and control over your facilities. This then allows you to improve the occupant experience, optimize space utilization, create a best-in-class maintenance program, understand energy usage, and keep capital projects on track.

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Use data to optimize your buildings for the best occupant experience.


Data can also help you comply with the latest lease accounting standards. In 2016, the US-based FASB and the European IASB published new lease accounting standards that will go into effect over the next two years. The right facilities management solution will help you piece all the data sources together and conform leases to these new standards easily.

IBM TRIRIGA in action

I want to share some quick examples of what IBM clients are achieving by utilizing IBM TRIRIGA. Teradyne, a designer and manufacturer of automatic testing equipment for the semi-conductor industry, used data to identify and eliminate the unused space that they were paying for. This helped them achieve a 10 percent reduction in their operational costs. The U.S. State Department also deployed TRIRIGA to support their strategic planning, help reduce occupancy costs, optimize their portfolio, and meet their business targets.

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Addressing one or two issues in your organization might bring in some short-term benefits. But the higher value is in optimizing your entire enterprise. True success lies in planning ahead. Right now, your primary goal may be in space optimization. Or in improved capital project planning. But many customers who have been using an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) for one component often expand into other capabilities. An IWMS helps you achieve this is by better managing your operations around capital planning, lease accounting, maintenance, space optimization and energy. And the key to all of these is IBM TRIRIGA.

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People spend 87% of their time in buildings. Yet few understand what goes on behind the scenes. That’s why we’ve created a new interactive demo that helps you understand how to improve operations around Space Optimization, Lease Accounting, Capital Projects, Energy Management and Maintenance. Start your tour now.

As always, I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the topic, so let’s get connected!