Your CIO and Engineering Manager want you to attend this MBSE webinar

89% of CIOs say they want their teams to release software faster

“Get this new innovation to market before our competition beats us to it. Do it flawlessly, less expensively and most importantly now!” With so much competition vying for market share, and so many consumers demanding new features and functions, this directive is now heard in eighty nine percent of IT departments1. In every industry. Throughout the world. It sounds like an insurmountable feat. But you can do it with the help of model based systems engineering (MBSE).

On July 31, please join me for a special webinar that is part of the continuing IBM Engineering Academy Comes To You series. Inspired by the success of our IBM Engineering Academies at the recent IoT Exchanges in Orlando, Paris, London and Berlin, we’re bringing important MBSE news and information directly to engineering professionals throughout the world. The first webinar features engineering lifecycle management expert, Kim Cobb who’ll teach you how to accelerate your digital transformation.

July 31 Webinar: Jump start your digital transformation with model based systems engineering

As you know, engineering data is being increasingly digitized. Organizations are expecting tighter integrations between the work products and artifacts produced by all the engineering disciplines (including mechanical, electrical, cyber physical, as well as software). Furthermore, it needs to be positioned across the development lifecycle for an increasingly diverse set of use cases in support of design optimization and trade-off analysis. This highly informative seminar presents key facts you need to know to address these issues.

Kim Cobb will discuss how MBSE allows users to create a virtual prototype of the system under development. She’ll also present how MBSE helps reduce costs by identifying issues in the requirements that are easier and less expensive to correct when discovered early in the lifecycle.

You won’t want to this powerful learning event where you’ll learn how MBSE can:

  • Reduce system design time from 60 months or more down to 18 months
  • Automate manual processes of tracking requirements to hardware artifacts
  • Conduct impact analysis when requirements change
  • Generate documentation automatically to demonstrate compliance

Register now and mark your calendar for July 31.