MaximoWorld participants take their EAM program to the next level

IBM clients use Maximo to improve asset performance and transform their business

By | 2 minute read | August 14, 2019

Joe Berti at MaximoWorld 2019

Everyone who attended MaximoWorld, a Reliabilityweb event, in Orlando last week can agree that a digital re-invention of the operating model for asset-intensive industries is fully underway. The conference of AI, big data, cloud and now hybrid computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving this disruption. The energy around how to manage this change was exceptional.

It is always a humbling experience to deliver the keynote address to nearly 1,200 reliability leaders. The amount of experience in the room was significant with a number of individuals having worked on Maximo® for over 20 years. IBM®, with its ongoing investment in Maximo, is truly excited about the next 20 years. After my keynote presentation, I had the opportunity to speak to many of the attendees, and to hear how they’re addressing—and overcoming—their own challenges.

I look forward to conferences such as MaximoWorld. Interacting with IBM customers and partners about how IBM clients are using Maximo to improve asset performance and, ultimately, positively transform their business is one of my favorite things to do.

Seminars and labs provided tremendous learning opportunities for IBM

We made a significant investment in MaximoWorld this year. Nearly 200 IBMers attended the event and engaged with our customers and ecosystem partners through formal and informal discussions, learning about new investments like the ones we are making to support future technicians as they tackle any asset, anytime, anywhere.

Our customers and partners always ask a lot of questions, and IBM executives and SMEs appreciate each and every one of them, including the hard ones. Even with hundreds of thousands of Maximo users across the globe and three decades of success with our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform, there are always additional insights to draw upon. We encourage your continued dialogue with IBM, Business Partners, and especially your peers through online user communities and user groups that are run around the world.

A special thank you to our clients

We were especially honored to have hundreds of Maximo users speak about their specific situations and how they overcame their challenges. Their willingness to share their knowledge is a foundation of the community, and it helps everyone improve their performance and ensures that organizations not only understand, but fully appreciate, the benefits of implementing Maximo.

Thanks again for joining us at MaximoWorld and for sharing with us your ideas, experiences, challenges, and successes. As we continue together on this journey of industry disruption, IBM will be there to guide and support you every step of the way.

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