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A basic IoT platform must connect devices, must be able to collect data, must handle thousands of vendors, hundreds of standards and must be able to scale to millions of devices sending billions of messages. To deliver true value beyond the basic platform, we can add cognitive, security, privacy, insight generation and close loop automation. With these capabilities and the supporting technology advancements, the IoT Platform can become an agent of transformation for a business. We’ll explore these key capabilities, features and technologies that are moving IoT Platforms from infrastructure enablers to business imperatives.

Leading IoT platforms provide simple, powerful application access to IoT devices and data to help you rapidly compose analytics applications, visualization dashboards and mobile IoT apps. Following are 5 key capabilities that leading platforms enable.

Simple connectivity

A good IoT platform makes it easy to connect devices from chips to intelligent appliances to your applications and industry solutions. Perform device management functions, scale through cloud-based services, and apply analytics to gain insight and achieve organizational transformation.

Easy device management

You can avoid unplanned downtime for critical assets and devices by setting a strategy for maintenance, then enable and enforce the strategy through smart work flows and reporting requirements. Maximize resource scheduling by viewing all work orders and preventive maintenance schedules graphically. Plan, schedule, dispatch and track all work from your enterprise asset management system. Leverage optimization models to gain significant efficiencies by automating work management tasks. A thoughtful approach to device management enables improved asset availability, increased throughput, minimized unplanned outages and reduced maintenance costs.

Information ingestion

Intelligently transform and store your IoT data. APIs bridge the divide between the data and the cloud, making it easy to pull in the data that you need. Ingest data from diverse data sources and platforms, then extract the essential value using rich analytics.

Informative analytics

Gain insight from huge volumes of IoT data to make better decisions and optimize operations. Apply real-time analytics to monitor current conditions and respond accordingly. Leverage cognitive analytics with both structured and unstructured data to understand situations, reason through options and learn as conditions change. An intuitive dashboard makes it all easy to understand.

Reduced risk

Manage risk and gather insights across your entire IoT landscape, using extensive dashboards and sophisticated alerts. Act on notifications and isolate incidents generated anywhere in your company’s environment from a single console. Take advantage of anomaly detection to find patterns in data that do not conform to expected behavior and quickly identify and manage potential issues.

If you’re in the midst of or planning for an IoT deployment, you understand the complexity of finding a solution that is holistic yet customizable to your unique requirements. A solid IoT platform is the linchpin in connecting endpoints and capturing data so that the data can be turned into meaningful and transformative business information. It is also critical to work with a vendor that invests in strong partnerships across the ecosystem — and has the capability to deliver an IoT platform that has the breadth, depth, and industry partners to provide that truly holistic solution, thus enabling the business outcomes that organizations aspire to with their IoT investment.

To start taking immediate advantage of the IoT by connecting your devices and acting on the data through an easy-to-view platform, check out IBM Watson IoT Platform.

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