Jump start your reinvention at the IoT Slam

By and Ryan Boyles | 2 minute read | June 20, 2018

Join the IoT Slam June 21-22 in Raleigh, NC.

Let’s start with the obvious. The Internet of Things is changing everything. What’s not so obvious, however, is how best to leverage these powerful tools in your business. Technologies like AI, IoT sensors, VR and blockchain aren’t for the faint of heart. To succeed, you need a vision, a strategy, a willingness to collaborate, and the right partners and platform, all embedded in a culture ready to embrace the “new.”

At IBM, we call the people who are driving digital transformation within their organization “reinventors.” And at this week’s IoT Slam, you can meet and mingle with a whole community of reinventors. These like-minded, IoT-focused folks represent the world’s largest and longest standing CxO community. The 22,000+ members include senior business leaders and IoT practitioners all focused on the adoption and application of IoT in businesses around the world.

About the Event

IoT Slam Live 2018
Internet of Things Conference
June 21 – 22 2018
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, US

RTP Campus, home of the IoT Slam

We hope you can join us at Research Triangle Park. But if not, you can still register and join the livestreams.

This event brings the brightest minds in IoT industry to the stage to share the best practices and most innovative IoT use cases. You’ll hear about today’s hottest topics including security, privacy and trust. We’ll also dive into IoT and key industries like healthcare, retail and automotive, arguably the most disrupted industry these days.

Plus, our own General Manager of Watson IoT, Chris O’Connor, will be delivering the keynote address. Spoiler alert: it’s a fascinating look at how companies are using AI and IoT to drive enormous value for their organizations.

Big names, big topics and a great chance to learn: IoT Slam.

Big names at this year’s IoT Slam!

Can’t make it in person?

No worries. Just register for a FREE Standard Virtual Pass. Then watch the livestreams from the event.

Going to Raleigh? Great! Because who doesn’t like “pi”?

The best way to get started with IoT is to just…get started! And to make it easier for you, we’ll have some raspberry pis to give away. Tweet #ILikePi, #IoTSlam and what’s most exciting/interesting to you about IoT to @IBMIoT. Then if we tweet you back, you’ll be a happy recipient of this credit-card sized computer. Then use it to access Watson Services and do some cool, fun things. And when we say “fun”, we mean actual fun. Like controlling your humanoid robot with voice commands. Or making your Sphero-BB8 droid roll, spin or change colors. And when we say “cool” we mean actually useful, with recipes to make your home, office and connected things smarter and more helpful.

TJBot is a great way to bring IoT to lifeWe’ll also have one ultra-hip, highly coveted TJBot. We’ll pick a random Twitter user who liked pi (see above) to bring him to life with any number of recipes. Then, please, show us what you create with the hashtag #TJBot. Note, you must be present if TJBot is supposed to go home with you.

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Learn more about what it takes to be a Reinventor.