Industry deep dives at IoT Exchange

Stay an extra day so you can participate in activities specifically related to your industry

By | 3 minute read | February 19, 2020

BM IoTX Industry Day

Thursday, March 19 is Industry Day at IoT Exchange

Your industry is unique. Chances are, it even has its own language. That’s why you want information geared toward your unique sector. At IBM, we have deep industry expertise that we’ve curated into specialized teams focused to cognitive technology in vertical spaces. This year, we’re proud to host Industry Day at IoT Exchange for the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense and Electronics industries.

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Industry Day at IoT Exchange 2020 features tailored activities across three industry workgroups. Clients who are under the IBM Feedback Program Agreement (FPA) can meet with IBM leaders to share best practices and experiences, and to help shape the future of IBM industry solutions. These user groups provide you the opportunity to influence the direction for emerging technology. Note: this is not a general admission program. So if you’d like to participate, you’ll want to complete the contact form. A member of our client programs team will contact you.

IBM Engineering Automotive Day

8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Automotive Industry Day began in 2018 as part of IoT Exchange, to take advantage of on-site representation from all facets of industry, including OEMs, suppliers, developers and expert developers. As a result, IBM Engineering released a new automotive compliance solution to help users achieve ASPICE compliance using built-in templates. This year, the program features two tracks, one executive and one technical. Topics such as cybersecurity, AI for requirements, ASPICE and ISO standards will be discussed.

IBM Engineering Automotive Day Executive Advisory Board

This full-day event is geared toward key Automotive mid- to high-level business executives. This interactive meeting will provide an opportunity to:

  • Identify strategic automotive marketplace opportunities and business drivers
  • Provide insight into changing industry trends and customer business pressures that will impact, influence and validate the business and offering strategies, corporate image and branding
  • Create a forum for ideas exchange that will help positively influence IBM’s strategic direction
  • Prioritize client topics to drive the next set of workstreams
  • Strengthen the strategic relationships between IBM and its key customers, business partners and other industry leaders
  • Build relationships with other Automotive Industry executives

IBM Engineering Automotive Day Technical Program

This design thinking workshop will facilitate automotive workstream topics such as:

  • Accelerating Industry Compliance
  • Multitier Engineering Value Chain Collaboration
  • Model Based Engineering
  • Engineering AI and Analytics
  • Test Management

There will also be a session devoted to topics that you choose during a survey of audience interests. To participate in the Automotive Day at IoT Exchange, contact to sign up.

Aerospace and Defense Industry

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The Aerospace and Defense workgroup brings together our key A&D customers. In this workgroup we will capture common pain points and determine where IBM can help. Get a demonstration with an aerospace sample model based on a UAV application as part of the Reference Architecture Toolset. This interactive day will include:

  • Presentations and discussion of key prioritized topics for A&D systems and software engineering
  • Recent work and roadmap for IBM A&D solutions
  • Demonstration of the physical assets we have developed to support the A&D industry
  • Prioritization of next steps

Medical Devices Industry Day

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

The IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) team has formed a Medical Devices Advisory Board. Our goal is to learn from you and your peers, to better understand the challenges your organization is facing, and to get feedback for the design and development of engineering solutions for medical devices specifically related to compliance.

If you’re in the medical electronics industry, please join us for this half-day session where you can:

  • Learn about work done by IBM Engineering to advance compliance templates, data sets, and process guidance
  • Gain new ideas to take back to your team
  • Provide feedback on whether similar content would be beneficial to your teams

The interactions we have with you at IoT Exchange will help us understand the most important areas for collaboration, and prioritize future product roadmap plans.

Participation in Industry Day is limited. Please contact us today to reserve your space in your desired program.