Top Insights from 2019 CoreNet Global Summit

By | 3 minute read | October 25, 2019

It’s not just business, it’s personal. This was the theme of the CoreNet Global Summit hosted in Anaheim, CA this week. Thousands of corporate real estate professionals immersed themselves in 3 days of learning around the future of workplace management and the technologies driving that change. The IBM TRIRIGA team was there and had a fantastic time connecting with everyone who stopped by the booth to talk to our team and meet Sarah, our virtual assistant. Below are some of the top insights we took away from the event.

Space is the foundation of everything in the workplace.

When it comes to our buildings, understanding and optimizing your spaces influences every aspect. This includes workplace experience, employee productivity, operations & maintenance, lease management, and of course, space utilization and occupancy.  In fact, space can account for up to 20%  of your operational expensesYour spaces matter and it’s critical that they are used thoughtfully to maximize productivity, build community, and reduce unused or underused areas. This was the most common theme at CoreNet and we saw it reflected in every session and experience.

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It’s important to know how your spaces are being used.

“What are you using your spaces for? Is it learning? Collaboration? Concentration? Do you have the right mix of spaces to optimize that blend?”

Tina Scott gave a fantastic talk at CoreNet’s innovation hall on “Meet AI, My New Coworker” where she asked this thought-provoking question. It’s not only important to understand if your spaces are being used but also how they are being used. When you think about how you and your employees do their best work, you know space configuration is critical to that equation. One team commented on how they realized they needed to re-configure one of their spaces because they found that the reason it wasn’t being used frequently was because the two teams that typically used it – sales and development – had very different ways of working and communicating. Once they adjusted the space to meet these needs, utilization increased as well.

Tina Scott delivering her talk on “Meet AI, My New Coworker”

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How do your spaces foster genuine connection?

Having the right blend of conference rooms, collaboration hubs, and individual workspaces is critical to ensure employee productivity and efficient use of resources. But what really makes employees feel connected to their spaces? A common theme at CoreNet this year was helping your spaces foster connection amongst the inhabitants. This can be through play, interactive experiences, and providing the right environment for creativity to thrive.

In the opening general session, we heard from two creative leaders on how to open your spaces to innovation.  “You need to be playful if you want to have big ideas”, said Duncan Wardle, Head of Creativity and Innovation for Disney. The right spaces, and seeing how they are used, can foster this.

Do you give your employees the time and spaces required to play and create genuine connection? This ties back to the theme of the event about your facilities being about more than just conducting business. We spend 87% of our time in buildings so our time inside them should be both enjoyable and productive.

Building and creating experiences to impact future generations

We saw the importance of creating personalized experiences at CoreNet with the popularity of Sarah, the IBM TRIRIGA virtual assistant. As Millennials and Gen Z become a large portion of the workforce, the workplace becomes a critical component of employee engagement. AI assistants like Sarah help automate mundane tasks and navigate buildings faster and easier. Employees can book rooms, submit service requests, and find the nearest coffee station in just a few moments.

Showcasing how Sarah, the IBM TRIRIGA AI Assistant, can help answer questions about your building

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Still have questions? 

There’s never enough time to learn, see and experience all you want to at an event like CoreNet Global Summit. So if you still have questions or simply continue exploring, you can read more about the evolution of space planning, why the workplace matters and how you can find value from an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).