Quickly start monitoring space by using your existing wireless network

New IBM TRIRIGA and Cisco partnership provides scalable workplace utilization and occupancy monitoring across your real estate portfolio 

By | 4 minute read | April 14, 2020

Whether your workforce has shifted from corporate cubes to home based, or you offer essential services that require fully operational buildings, you need to know who is using your space, at any time, all the time. You need easy-to-access data to answer key questions: who is occupying my facilities and when? Are there opportunities to consolidate space? Should we reconfigure or repurpose existing space?

If you’re making critical space decisions with manually intensive work and less-than-perfect data, now you can harness your information, make informed decisions based on real-time occupancy insights, and react quickly to changing business demands.

A new partnership for space utilization insights

IBM TRIRIGA and Cisco have teamed up to give you the tools you need to deploy location sensing using your existing WiFi network infrastructure. This solution helps you scale quickly and get faster, more accurate occupancy insights, to enable you to reimagine and streamline your connected spaces.

Save on hardware costs with WiFi-enabled space insights

With this partnership, IBM TRIRIGA’s IoT and AI-driven insights application, IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights, now natively integrates with Cisco’s DNA Spaces cloud service. If you’re a space planner or manage facilities, you can quickly take advantage of these insights. With a lower cost to entry, you can understand how facilities are being used based on data coming in from an existing network.

“Cisco DNA Spaces is an industry leading indoor location platform that leverages Cisco’s WiFi access points to understand behavior of people and things in buildings,” says Rajesh Reddy, Head of Product, Cisco DNA Spaces. “Our partnership with IBM TRIRIGA creates a gold standard for enterprise workspace analytics and building insights.”

More value from your IWMS

This agreement means that you’ll also gain additional value from your TRIRIGA integrated workplace management system (IWMS). You’ll have the ability to assign the right spaces to the right organizations, establish chargeback allocations, and more.

With this new partnership, you’ll also have critical information that lets you optimize your space with:

  • Pre-packaged business intelligence for space utilization, aggregated to floors and buildings, within locations managed from IBM TRIRIGA IWMS portfolio
  • Predictive AI capabilities and machine learning to improve usability of occupancy trends and data
  • The ability to monitor occupancy and utilization required to implement business continuity protocols and deploy resources as needed

Gain the visibility you need into your space

With true occupancy insights now in hand, you have the ability to make informed decisions about your space. You’ll be able to:

  • Gain visibility from the location level down to a single floor, enabling you to react quickly to consolidation or new move requests
  • Identify building occupancy trends and patterns to fine-tune your space strategy
  • Ensure the right mix of spaces for your occupants and your business, and protect your investment in key talent
  • Consolidate underutilized space, allowing you to control and reduce costs

Discover how to take more control of your space by attending our webinar

If you need to quickly address new occupancy demands, please attend  an IBM/Cisco webinar. Designed for space planners and facilities managers, we will explain how true occupancy insights enables you to make strategic space management decisions. Register today.

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Make the smartest decisions with an intelligent real estate and facilities management solution

Space matters. It’s at the heart of your real estate strategy, informs time-sensitive decisions, helps safeguard occupant wellbeing, and is crucial for controlling costs. That’s why you need IBM TRIRIGA, an intelligent real estate and facilities management solution. Through the smart application of data, IoT and AI, TRIRIGA helps you harness essential information and insights, and enables you to reimagine and repurpose space to meet ever-changing needs across your connected facilities. It’s also a single source of truth for your entire portfolio, giving you greater visibility into key areas: space and facility utilization, operations and maintenance, occupant experience, capital projects, and lease administration and accounting. With TRIRIGA – backed by the data security and expertise that only IBM can provide – you can create a more resilient real estate portfolio, regardless of size, scale and configuration.

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