Get your teeth into IoT with Grush

By | 1 minute read | June 3, 2016

Meet Grush, a toothbrush dedicated to making oral hygiene fun and engaging for kids. Grush combines tooth brushing with video games in order to motivate children to brush their teeth more frequently and effectively. The video games that accompany the brush are designed to encourage proper brushing techniques.

Grush uses sensors and wireless technology to transmit brushing data to a smartphone. As a child brushes their teeth, Grush sends the brush’s location to the phone in order to play and participate in games. The data collected from the brush utilizes IBM Watson APIs in order to categorize data. This data can then be analyzed and utilized in order to create more comprehensive brushing data and provide parents and dentists with important information about the child’s brushing frequency and techniques.

Grush and gamification

The games encourage children to brush in all four quadrants of the mouth. The toothbrush knows which areas have been brushed and directs children, through the game, towards areas where they have yet to brush. The games include Monster Chase, Toothy Orchestra, and Brush-a-Pet. The games reward every brush stroke and proper brushing styles; such as brush angle towards the gum line.

After each session (ideally twice a day) kids are provided with a score that measures their brushing technique and consistency. This information is uploaded to an app designed for parents to be able to monitor their child’s progress.