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2017 was the year of transformation, with almost every industry investing in IoT. At the end of the year, I wrote a forward-looking blog on the Top 5 IoT trends transforming business in 2018. And “cognitive computing” was on the list because IoT is one of the primary drivers of digital transformation this year and beyond.

We’re now halfway through the year. And it’s proven to be a truly fantastic time for IoT. More and more companies really understand the value of getting insights from their data.

Get Connected: the new series from Chris O'Connor. Learn what industry leaders are doing to drive their digital transformations ... and what you can do to start yours.

Watch for more in the new “Get Connected” series, to help you start your own digital transformation.

Are you in the IoT game?

But there are still players that have not yet mastered – or even entered – the game, and they are losing by default. That’s why we have made it our mission to help all our customers deliver their best. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting with IoT or are very familiar with its benefits.

Ready to get connected? Here’s where the journey will take us

If you’re looking to start (or continue) your digital transformation, today I want to invite you to go with me on a journey of knowledge, connectivity, data and value. It’s a journey where we explore what the leaders in the markets are doing, and explain how you can become a leader in your industry, too. We will talk about engineering your products with the customer in mind. We’ll talk about better managing your assets so you can make smarter decisions and get the value you need. And we will talk about how you can build more direct relationships with your customers instead of handing them off someone else. There’s unbelievable value in that customer relationship so why give it away to the competition?

My goal is to address your common questions and talk through the most pressing pain points – think of these as your “ah” moments. Most importantly, throughout the series, we’ll talk about the value that IoT can deliver to your business.

It’s an amazing world out there! And I am very excited to explore it with you. So, stay tuned – the first episode is coming out later this week. If you are as excited as I am, share your thoughts in the comments sections below and let’s get connected!

And remember, you can always learn more the Watson Internet of Things by visiting our page.


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