Christmas stocking fillers for Santa. Love, Watson IoT

By | 3 minute read | December 12, 2017

Santa has a tough job. He’s got to find out who’s naughty and who’s nice, manufacture enough gifts to keep everyone happy, and work out which toy to give which child. Then, of course, there’s all that travelling on Christmas Eve.

Feeling guilty that I still get a Christmas stocking even though I’m far too old for one, I decided IBM should give a present or two to old St Nick. Just to say thanks, you know, and do our bit to ease his momentous yearly task. So here are some stocking fillers for Santa, courtesy of IBM Watson IoT.

#1: Watson Personality Insights, to help with your customer research

Santa has an uncanny knack of predicting which toys are going to be most popular. After all, his elves make most of them. But trends are slippery blighters, and not obliged to be consistent, so a little customer research never goes amiss.

To help, we offer our first gift: Watson Personality Insights. This ingenious API can digest the emotional content of written text. Santa could use conversations from ecommerce sights, social media platforms or product reviews, to work out which products are hot, and which are on the way out. Since this tool can interpret tone of voice, from effusive excitement to withering scorn, there’s little danger of misreading the signals and getting stuck with the wrong gift.

#2: IBM’s suite of Industry 4.0 solutions, to make manufacturing a breeze

Elves, take a well-earned coffee break: Industry 4.0 is here. IBM has a suite of products and solutions to make manufacturing as efficient and cost-effective as possible, and we bequeath them all to you, dear Santa.

Connected sensors throughout the factory floor, combined with Watson’s predictive analytics capabilities, can reduce mechanical hiccups by predicting outages and spotting potential problems before they develop into unfixable faults. That means increased productivity without extra cost, and perhaps a little extra time off for the elves, to boot.

Check out this two-minute, interactive demo to see IoT, analytics, machine learning and AI in action on the manufacturing floor.

Elves on inspection duty might like IBM’s latest e-book on quality in manufacturing. It’s all about how we’re using visual-based image analytics to better spot defects and transform the inspection process – saving inspectors a lot of time.

#3: Context Mapping and weather insights, for the big night

You’ve heard of connected cars, but what about a connected sleigh? IoT sensors will monitor the sleigh’s mechanical well-being and the Watson IoT Platform will apply predictive analytics to ensure this distribution vehicle stays in tip-top condition.

We’ll throw in a handy dashboard too, so Santa can see insights from multiple IoT devices at a glance. Reindeer biometrics? You got it! Storm a-brewing? The Weather Company has your back.

We can even help Santa plan his optimal route, based on weather events and traffic data, thanks to something called IBM Watson IoT Context Mapping, a service on IBM Cloud. IoT Context Mapping helps plot the most direct route by matching your GPS location to the mapped road network, and acting on real-time insights such as traffic data to avoid delays. For Santa, this might mean avoiding busy roads, where he might be spotted by the people below, or heading for cloud cover to avoid detection.

So there you have it – stocking fillers for Santa, courtesy of IBM Watson. We hope he enjoys them.

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