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By | 7 minute read | May 28, 2019

Every day, you’re under pressure to improve the performance of your organization. Executives and shareholders demand a greater return on investment. Your staff demands more efficient workplaces and streamlined processes that make their jobs more productive and rewarding. And customers expect products that aren’t just keeping pace with new technology, but that are continuously introducing innovative enhancements.

These challenges might seem formidable. But you can achieve these goals by extracting the full value from data using AI and IoT. We’re going to show you how at IBM IoT Exchange Europe with events in London, Berlin and Paris throughout the month of June!

Your job could get a lot more interesting

IBM IoT Exchange is an educational event designed to teach and inspire attendees with the latest innovations and thinking. It will introduce you to techniques you may not already know, and innovations that can enhance your organization’s performance. This carefully curated event will show you how to unlock the power of data with AI and IoT so you can better develop, differentiate and drive your business to success.

At IoT Exchange, you’ll learn from leaders in operations, buildings and product engineering who have used AI and IoT to their own competitive advantage. You’ll see showcase examples of how the effective use of data and AI are transforming business operations today. You’ll get hands-on experience with advanced solutions that incorporate the latest technologies.

Thought-provoking keynotes. Four intensive academies.

IBM IoT Exchange is organized into four academies that are connected through main stage presentations by IoT thought leaders. Choose a specific academy, or attend seminars across all four disciplines. Your one registration allows you to select whichever tracks or presentations are best suited to your particular business objectives.

Professional at IoT Exchange Orlando

Professionals in every industry attended IoT Exchange in Orlando, FL

Enterprise Asset Management & Asset Performance Management (Maximo Academy)

Today’s enterprise assets are connected in a complex ecosystem, pulling in reams of interconnected data. Maximo Academy will present how you can optimize assets, operations and people with high-performance Maximo® solutions. Sessions will cover the nuts-and-bolts of implementation, deployment, configuration and upgrades. You’ll also hear from experts how Maximo for enterprise asset management with AI can help your organization reduce costs while instituting predictive maintenance, ensuring worker safety, and applying next-gen analytics. Presentations include:

Supercharge your Assets with Maximo—Leaders of the IBM Maximo team will discuss how to apply IoT data and AI to more efficiently and effectively manage the assets. Learn how you can predict asset failure, optimize production, extend asset lifecycles, and improve worker safety.

The Future of Asset Management – Addressing the Asset Performance Conundrum with APM—Digital re-invention is changing operating models in a disruptive ways and driving companies to change to remain competitive. Learn how IBM is helping clients leverage AI and IoT to digitally transform their organizations.

Roadmap session with focus on EAM and APM—Get a deeper view of IBM’s investments across the Maximo portfolio. See how the focus on user experience and the availability of new intuitive tools will help improve asset maintenance practices, increase first time fix rates, improve asset uptime and highlight asset reliability and performance.

Real estate and facilities management (TRIRIGA Academy)

With the growth of smart buildings, facilities managers have to worry about more than roofs and boilers. TRIRIGA Academy at IoT Exchange offers a comprehensive curriculum for real estate and facilities professionals in several key areas. Learn how to drive greater operational efficiency and create more engaging workplace experiences with sessions like:

IBM TRIRIGA Portfolio Roadmap & Workplace Experience—With data, AI and IoT, business leaders can not only reduce operating costs, but gain more actionable insights on building performance and across all aspects of their real estate portfolio. See the TRIRIGA portfolio roadmap and get an early glimpse into upcoming capabilities that will help clients continue to drive operational excellence and create workplaces that matter.

Delivering the benefits of Smarter Connected Buildings – Emerging trends and lessons learnt—This presentation will reflect on the latest trends and experiences in the Smarter Buildings space. The talk will cover lessons learnt in the planning and implementation of Smarter Building programs delivered across the breadth of Europe.

Future of Workspace Optimization with IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights—Many organizations embrace the “work where you are and where you’re needed” principle. Learn how space optimization can help you provide state-of-the-art facilities, and see how IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights adds value by providing insights and answers for today’s workspace planners, all without having to write single line of code.

Engineering Lifecycle Management (Engineering Academy)

Today’s engineering teams are facing greater pressures to reduce time to market while battling the crushing data complexity that comes with developing feature-rich, connected products. These demands are magnified by an ever-expanding skills gap that industry leaders are solving with AI.

The Engineering Academy at IoT Exchange offers engaging sessions, demonstrations, case studies and discussions by experts in the field. You’ll be introduced to the latest advancements for engineering teams to combat complexity and leverage AI. You’ll attend informative VoiCE sessions featuring IBM clients and business partners. And you’ll hear transformational stories and best practices by peers who’ve triumphed over the challenge of change. Among the topics to be covered are:

  • AI and lifecycle optimization
  • Requirements management
  • Model-based systems engineering
  • Quality and test management
  • Engineering collaboration and workflow
  • Agile development
  • Deployment and SaaS

Among the sessions we’ll be offering are:

What’s New in ELM – A review of the new features/futures of ELM portfolio—A review of the new features/futures in the ELM portfolio.

Engineering Lifecycle Optimization—Pursuing a management process that optimizes your product/software development.

Future of AI in Systems Engineering (London only)—Even with the most advanced tools, engineers can still inadvertently create conflicting requirements or ambiguous requirements that result in costly re-work and project delays. The Requirements Quality Assistant, the first AI offering for the engineering portfolio, can inject intelligence into the requirements management process, leading to improved outcomes.

Device connectivity and insights (IoT Platform Academy)

We capture from a myriad of sources, depending upon the organization, industry and discipline. This data can be obtained from machine and device sensors remotely situated throughout the world. By connecting and collecting this great wealth of data securely in the cloud, organizations can begin their transformation. IBM IoT Exchange offers these among many other presentations focused on platform:

IoT Market Outlook & Insights—What is the state of play for your industry and what’s next? During this session, the IBM Market Development & Insights leadership team will share perspectives on marketplace trends, along with perspectives on the ongoing virtualization and digitization of the physical world around us.

Transforming IoT with AI & Data Analytics in Real Time at the Edge—Edge computing is fast paced and promises to provide businesses with a new way to gather, analyze and transact on data immediately, without human intervention. Join this session to hear how Edge computing is developing across industries. And understand what the possibilities are with respect to real-time data intelligence and action.

As our clients will tell you, the most critical phase of their transformation, the one that completely changed their mindset, was the application of analytics and AI to their vast stores of data. This strategic maneuver helped them add tremendous value to their organization. Join us at the IBM IoT Exchange to hear how others have benefited from the IBM IoT Platform.

Audience at IoT Exchange in Orlando, FL

A captive audience enjoys a presentation at IoT Exchange in Orlando, FL

We know the critical challenges you’re facing today

And we know that others are facing them, too. IBM IoT Exchange offers four solution-specific academies and networking opportunities so you can meet with those who have overcome these challenges. Learn about industry-tested solutions to address some of the most critical IoT challenges facing companies today.

The IoT Exchange enables you to:

  • Explore transformative client stories and best practices
  • Understand the latest product innovations and roadmaps
  • Learn about new use cases and business value accelerators
  • Complete technical certifications and hands-on labs
  • Network with thought leaders, peers and practitioners

Join us soon in London, Paris or Berlin

Visit our event page to learn more about the IoT Exchange near you, the Academies, and to register. Throughout the upcoming weeks, we’ll release additional details on what you’ll experience at the IBM IoT Exchange. We hope that you’ll join us in one of these cities:

London, 11 June     Park Plaza Victoria Hotel

Paris, 13 June     Châteauform’ City le Metropolitan

Berlin, 18-19 June        InterContinental Hotel

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