Introducing an assistant to help all of your technicians perform like your best technician

By | 2 minute read | August 6, 2018

The face of maintenance across every industry is changing. Organizations are struggling with loss of talent, knowledge silos, aging infrastructure, and rising maintenance costs. Today, we are announcing the launch of IBM’s Equipment Maintenance Assistant, an assistant for factory and field service technicians. This will usher in a new era of maintenance productivity, turning every technician into your best technician.

Challenges facing asset-intensive organizations

Organizations today face two unique challenges:

  • A large portion of the workforce is retiring – which will have major implications on the knowledge base in many organizations. In particular, many experienced technicians are exiting without proper knowledge transfer mechanisms in place. Even worse, much of the knowledge lost is intrinsic and very difficult to regain.
  • The number and complexity of critical assets is increasing. These assets also generate more data and are more complex to repair. Being able to capture, analyze and use this data is critical to guide less experienced technicians and to reduce maintenance costs.

IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant addresses these challenges

Imagine if your field technicians – no matter the experience level – had the ability to augment their knowledge with the data you are already collecting and the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Our solution builds its knowledge base using your structured and unstructured data associated with repairs, work order history, technical documents, specification diagrams, industry blogs, and more. Based on that data, it identifies early warning signs and identifies the optimal repair or service procedure for your technicians to execute. It also continuously learns from the technicians’ interactions and uses this feedback to improve future recommendations.

Enable technicians to take prescribed action

IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant helps your organization move to standardized and optimed maintenance procedures executed by every technician at the level of your best technician. It enables lean practices of standard work, even for the intrinsic knowledge that today only exists in the head of your experienced technicians.

As such, IBM’s Equipment Maintenance Assistant provides continued value, including:
Improves first time fix rates – improves efficiency of repair by up to 10 percent through prescription of the right repair procedures based on your data and AI
Extends asset life –  extend asset life with step-by-step repair guidance and enable compliance with current standards, regulations and best practices
Reduces time to repair – complete repairs faster through more efficient troubleshooting and prescriptive repair guidance
Increases time between failures – optimize repair procedures to extend equipment operating time and decrease unplanned downtime

IBM is best suited to help you with your maintenance challenges

Bringing Watson AI technology to technicians will totally change the landscape of how maintenance programs are run. These advanced AI capabilities enable the extraction of intrinsic knowledge to make every technician in your organization perform at the level of your best technician.
Additionally, IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant is designed to be an end-to-end offering with open integrations. It works seamlessly with IBM Maximo   and integrates with most existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Systems.  As the industry leader in EAM, IBM has the depth of industrial expertise needed to understand your maintenance challenges. We can then address them with configurable solutions based on your unique requirements.
Finally, IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant is designed with the enterprise in mind. It is easy to train the system and does not require a single line of code, or a team of data scientists, to get started. It is truly ready out-of-the-box.

Download this 2-page brief to review the highlights of Equipment Maintenance Assistant.