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Watson IoT blog wins big in AMCP dotCOMM Awards

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We’ve had some exciting news this week at the Watson IoT blog. We’ve been awarded Platinum and Gold awards from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) in their dotCOMM awards. We’d like to send a huge thank you to all of our contributors, and to the team that supports them. But above all, we’d like to thank all of our readers of the Watson IoT blog. Since we launched in June 2016 we’ve seen our readership grow, along with the breadth of topics that we’ve covered. Both elements that have helped us to win the awards. Here they are.

Platinum Award – breadth of coverage

Platinum AMCP dotcomm award

IBM was also awarded:

We’ve offered a wide variety of posts on the Watson IoT blog from Olli, the autonomous cognitive vehicles to connected coffee machines. From a framework for Industry 4.0 to how the Internet of Things could safeguard us in a hurricane crisis.

Many of the posts have been provided by IBM employees. But we’ve also had guest posts from far and wide. They’ve included the Team USA Women’s Cycling who talked about how the IoT has boosted their training performance. We also followed the StormWave Motorcycle team from Eindhoven University around the world in 80 days. And many more.

Gold Award – timely, relevant, entertaining

Gold AMCP dotcomm award

Our Gold Award wins reflect two of our most popular content areas this past year. Whilst the Pokemon Go craze was booming, AT&T hosted a hackathon. The winner of the ‘Best Use of Watson’ category, created an app to track down Pokemon – something that was of interest to a lot of eager Pokemon hunters.

We’ve also been going to the movies this past year. We’ve run a series called ‘IoT Ruins Movies’ to show how – if the movie cast were IoT enabled – most of the situations they found themselves in could have been avoided. Would Die Hard’s John McClane have had such a hard time in a smart building? Would Chuck Noland have been Cast Away with better weather data and asset management maintaining his airplane?

Reflecting the role of creatives in the dynamic web

In their description of the dotCOMM Awards, the AMCP say:

“The dotCOMM Awards is an international competition honouring excellence in web creativity and digital communication. The competition is unique in that it reflects the role of creatives in the dynamic web that is transforming how we market and communicate products and services.”

We’re delighted that we’ve won, and thanks again to all our contributors, but most of all to you, our readers.

Please continue coming back for more great IoT content here at the Watson IoT Blog.

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Kimberlee Kemble

Congratulations to the Watson IoT blog team!!!

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