New IoT Center of Excellence at APU

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Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) recently announced a new IoT Center of Excellence in Malaysia. This center will be the first of its kind in the country and will aim to broaden the reach of cognitive computing. The IoT Center of Excellence will leverage Watson IoT technologies to strengthen the already robust, realm of the Internet of Things. Students, researchers, and faculty members at APU will work to enhance IoT education through their state-of-the-art cloud-based infrastructure. Students and faculty will take advantage of these resources to develop apps, products, and services utilizing the IBM Watson IoT Platform. This platform is available to developers to create unique and innovative content with Watson’s groundbreaking, Cognitive Computing technologies.

IoT and learning at APU

APU will provide assistance for students in Watson IoT courses offered at the university as well as laboratory experiments, tutorials, and other resources to assist with an integrated IoT curriculum.

Students who are well versed in the Internet of Things will gain a competitive edge with their knowledge, as well as be able to help shape this multi-billion-dollar industry. IBM is also providing students and faculty with workshops that will provide hands-on experience with IoT. They are also provided extended trials of their Bluemix Platform. In addition to the resources that they are providing, IBM Malaysia is preparing students to meet future industry requirements.

Education Centers such as the one at APU facilitate multidisciplinary learning and hands on education tools that allow students to seamlessly transition into a competitive workforce. Students who graduate from the program will be proficient in advanced analytics, cloud computing, mobile development, and embedded systems.

IBM is excited to continue their long standing collaborative history with APU. Past projects include a partnership between IBM Rational Software and APU’s IT courses. These courses give students hands on experience with real world software, while providing IBM with innovative ideas and problem solving from fresh eyes in the field. In May 2015, IBM Malaysia and APU began a collaboration to foster a new generation of technologically advanced graduates through a joint program that involved a closer connection between IBM and APU’s software departments and innovation efforts.

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