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Top three benefits of attending Maximo events

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Don’t miss out on upcoming Maximo events and user groups!

One of the benefits of a thriving IBM® Maximo® Asset Management ecosystem is the opportunity to make connections with other enterprise asset management (EAM) professionals. Many of our IBM Business Partners have made connections at Maximo events and other EAM activities that have led to increased learning and sales. One of our goals is to use the IBM Maximo Developer Center to spread news about events that are important for developers, partners and other EAM professionals.

How can you stay connected?

  • Look below at the list of upcoming events happening this summer. 
  • Check the Events list at the bottom of the IBM Maximo Developer Center Community tab, which is updated regularly. 
  • Send us events that you’d like us to share with other professionals. 


  • June 26: Women in Reliability and Asset Management – Join this streaming conference to share ideas and discuss topics related to leadership, reliability and asset management. Sign up now.
  • August 7 – 9: MaximoWorld 2018 – Connect with a diverse ecosystem of business thought leaders, asset management experts and Maximo stakeholders from around the world. Learn more and register now. 

User groups and meetings

  • July 12: MaxTECH: Maximo Technical User Group – Learn more about building custom applications in Maximo Asset Management and get instructions on how to limit queries to a specific group. Get more information. 
  • August 22: Western Australia Maximo User Group – View user presentations and get the opportunity to network with other Maximo Asset Management professionals. Read more. 
  • September 3: MaxTECH Meeting User Group in Singapore – Get answers to all your Maximo Asset Management questions in a MaxHack, a Maximo hackathon where experts work with you to find tangible solutions. Register now. 


  • Scheduler, Mobility & Optimizing Field Services – July 12 at 2 PM ET – Discover how you can improve worker effectiveness, eliminate errors and integrate real-time data using IBM Maximo Scheduler. Register now.
  • Leveraging Maximo, IoT & Analytics – July 26 at 2 PM ET – Use Maximo to distill insights from IoT to help you focus maintenance efforts and obtain greater value from your assets. Register now.
  • EAM Industry Analysts & Experts – August 9 at 2 PM ET – Learn what trends industry experts forecast for EAM in the era of Internet of Things (IoT). Register now

What are the benefits of attending Maximo events?

A large part of professional development and business deals are done through face-to-face interactions with like-minded peers. Being active in the EAM community can bring many benefits. 

  1. Network with peers—when you chat with IBM developers, business partners and other professionals, you have the opportunity to build strong business relationships. Conference attendees often make connections that can become valuable resources to spark inspiration and camaraderie when they get to know each other on a personal level. 
  2. Stay on top of trends—stay current about EAM issues by hearing the latest news from presenters. Often, these industry thought leaders share ideas and information that you can take back to your whole organization. 
  3. Become the expert—when you’re active in your industry community and well-known by peers and clients, you position yourself as the authority in asset management. Use time at events to help drive awareness about your company and about your individual contributions to your company. Think of it as an investment in yourself. 

Keep an eye on the IBM Maximo Developer Center for upcoming events to stay in the loop on all things EAM and Maximo Asset Management. We want to see you succeed! 



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