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By and Jason Spaulding | 3 minute read | March 11, 2019

Most of us like to know how we’re performing relative to others who are doing the same job. We hope that maybe we’re doing a little bit better than they are. And, if we’re not, we want to figure out how to up our game—quickly. If you’re not achieving the asset management results we’re about to share with you, you won’t want to miss the upcoming IBM IoT Exchange in Orlando.

Early adopters of IoT for asset management are showing significant improvements

Professionals like yourself, who manage enterprise assets, have recently implemented processes to achieve:

  • 28.3 percent increase in the productivity of maintenance
  • 20.1 percent reduction in equipment downtime
  • 19.4 percent savings in the cost of materials
  • 17.8 percent decrease in inventory maintenance and repair 1

If you can’t claim similar results for yourself, you can’t afford to miss Maximo Academy at IoT Exchange in Orlando. Over the course of 2½ days, you’ll learn how you can improve efficiency, reduce risk, and lower costs by unlocking the value of data you’re probably already collecting. You’ll discover new techniques and technologies related specifically to your role. And you’ll see real-world examples of what is working for others in your industry.

A conference specifically designed with you in mind

Your enterprise assets are connected in a complex ecosystem, likely capturing reams of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) and other sources. Amidst this onslaught of information, you’re expected to extract information and insights that you can leverage to achieve a competitive advantage. At the same time, the workforce is shifting and assets, as well as the business networks surrounding them, are becoming increasingly more complex.

The Maximo Academy at the IoT Exchange has been carefully developed to address these current, pressing problems, and to help you apply enterprise asset management (EAM) and asset performance management (APM) to optimize operations. Experts and experienced users will be leading 40 intensive sessions highlighting new capabilities, providing pragmatic on-ramps, sharing best practices, and showcasing client successes. They’ll talk about the topics that are important to you right now, and the implications and opportunities of Industry 4.0, AI, blockchain, and augmented reality.

Harness the hidden potential of your assets with EAM

At Maximo Academy, you’ll learn how to optimize assets, operations and people with high-performance Maximo solutions. Clients will share their industry transformations. They will also show how to maximize value from implementation, deployment, configuration and upgrades strategies. You’ll also hear from experts how Maximo for enterprise asset management leverages IoT and AI to gain real time insights, while evolving to predictive maintenance, ensuring worker safety, and applying next-generation analytics.


Extract every bit of value from your assets with APM

Asset performance management is quickly becoming an integral part of asset-intensive organizations. These sessions will present you with real-world examples of the competitive benefits of next-generation analytics. You’ll also learn how IoT, AI innovation, augmented reality (AR) and repair optimization can help you unlock the hidden value of data to improve quality and maximize production output.

Register now to attend Maximo Academy at IoT Exchange, Hilton Orlando, 24-26 April 2019

Transform your organization and increase your own capabilities and value. Learn from leaders. Network with peers. And explore the exciting new enhancements and upgrades we’ve made to Maximo solutions.

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