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By | 3 minute read | August 8, 2019

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To maximize uptime, performance, and quality in industrial environments, equipment needs to operate optimally at all times. But we all know that this doesn’t happen, even with well-planned preventative maintenance.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a key enabler for improving asset performance and for driving business results. But IoT can be complex, with a large number of suppliers and ecosystem stakeholders needed for success. And the fact that an ecosystem of providers is needed sometimes becomes a stumbling block for many companies–putting IoT into the “too hard” pile.

To deploy an IoT solution, there are many moving parts

On the IoT hardware side, you need to select the appropriate sensors to collect the data for your use cases, gateways to collect the sensor data, and a way to connect them.

Then you need to decide if you require processing of the data at the edge to meet latency, security or other data requirements, and move the necessary sensor data to a platform.

The platform needs to manage all of the devices (typically from multiple suppliers) to ensure that they are all working, and all have correct software or firmware versions. The platform must then move the data to wherever it needs to go next.

As for data, you will need to determine where you will put the data (on premises, in the cloud or likely a combination,) which analytics tools you need for which stakeholders, and how you will integrate in to asset management or other application systems.

You will need to present analytic results in dashboards and reports, and work with process teams and plant managers to ensure that the data and the asset insights are used to change the way the operation is run.

Even though any one part of this solution may not be too hard, when you add it all up, the business and technical decisions that need to be made to deploy a working solution can be overwhelming.

Introducing the Wireless Industrial Asset Insights solution

To address these problems of complexity, Arrow is teaming up with IBM® to develop IoT solutions. Arrow brings the hardware and connectivity to the table, as well as our ecosystem of SI and OT Business Partners. IBM brings the software to the table, and together we reduce the complexity of IoT.

For our new Wireless Industrial Asset Insights solution, leaders coming together to deliver an IoT solution for predictive maintenance using proven solutions.

First on the IoT device part of the solution, Arrow has brought in National Instruments (NI). NI is a highly regarded industrial company with many successful deployments of solutions to collect data in rugged environments. In addition, NI has a software application that lets users view data and gain rapid insights into asset condition for managing daily operations.

Arrow is also bringing IBM into the picture to marry NI’s solution with the Watson IoTTM platform, analytics, and Maximo® asset management solutions.

This is where the magic happens

With the combined solution, not only is the NI hardware and software collecting data using state-of-the-art technology, now IBM’s advanced analytics, AI and machine learning can be applied to look for trends and get to true predictive maintenance—recognizing patterns to find problems before they happen.

And with Maximo in the picture as well, the insights from analytics can immediately be turned into actions such as work orders or maintenance plans to optimize uptime, productivity, and safety by keeping machinery operating as designed.

Arrow’s approach to IoT is to take as much of the friction out of the process as we can. Sensors, gateways, platforms, analytics, and applications have been selected and pre-integrate into solutions that business partners can deploy rapidly with their customers.

Arrow has a wide range of Business Partners who can deploy sensors, gateways and networks, as well as implement software and develop models using analytics to ensure a seamless roll out.

It’s about simplicity and acceleration

Arrow wants to make IoT simple for you and speed up your time to value. We make decisions based on our expertise and the expertise of our suppliers and Business Partners so you don’t have to.

As you think about what a predictive maintenance solution would look like in your environment, don’t start from scratch. Start with the Wireless Industrial Asset Insights solution from IBM, National Instruments, and Arrow.

For more information, please read our recent press release.