IoT: A lifeline for the washing line

By | 1 minute read | April 21, 2016

Back in 2014 you may have seen reviews of Berg’s Cloudwash prototype. A smart washing machine designed to make laundry a breeze. More recently at CES2016 Glenn Reid introduced us to The Marathon Laundry Machine. Both of these prototypes connect you to your washing machine via a smartphone app.

They simplify the settings, tell you exactly when your wash will be finished (so you can arrange for your laundry to be complete at a convenient time). It’ll inform you of your usage and energy consumption, and remember your favourite washing settings. It can even alert you to issues with the machine so it can schedule you a service (much in the way of smart cars).

For those of you not convinced that IoT laundry will wash – now there’s Peggy – the smart clothes-peg prototype. Created by detergent maker Omo, Peggy uses IoT to tell you if it’s about to rain, so you’ve got time to bring in the washing before a downpour.

Peggy senses the light, humidity, and temperature, and sends an alert to your phone before the wet weather hits. It also tells you best time to peg out a wash, and if you do, how long it will take to dry.

The prototypes are currently being tested, with no indication yet on when they’ll be available. I know for sure that my household needs these pegs – so please Omo don’t keep me hanging!

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