Building intelligent weather stations with Bluemix

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The integration of the supercomputer and weather stations around the world could have a huge impact on global industry. But for individual developers wanting to get current weather conditions using Node-RED and Weather Data for IBM Bluemix service, there are several recipes available to help you take the plunge.

If you are interested in building an intelligent weather station, you can follow the step by step guide put together by Martin Stephenson, Solutions Architect and Software Engineer, IBM Research, Ireland. Initially, Martin built his personal weather station to alert him about dangerous winter driving conditions which might impact him during his 100 plus km commute to the lab. But, when Raspberry Pi 3 launched, he decide to take his weather station to the next level, connecting it to the cloud using Watson IoT, Bluemix and Twitter.

Read Martin’s step-by-step blog to learn how to use Watson IoT on Bluemix and Twitter to get a sunnier outlook. It took Martin about a week to build his system. How long will it take you?

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