How the IoT is impacting insurance

By | 0 minute read | June 27, 2016

IoT and insurance

Some say change and disruption is coming in insurance, but in reality it is already here.

In his blog post ‘IoT for Insurance: Delivering proactive protection for the connected consumer‘ Brian Massey, IBM Watson IoT Offering manager, explains the prospect with Internet of Things for insurers to change how it’s done.

Beyond the 360 degree view of insurance policyholders

Brian discusses the technology and specific analytics available today to help companies take advantage of their opportunity.  IoT for insurers can significantly impact the way it’s done with access to not only the full 360-degree context of their policyholders, but capabilities to aggregate that data into the intelligence needed to protect their policy holders and grow their business.

Read on to see how the Internet of Things changed the fate of the Murphy Family. Take a look at the graphic below to explore ways the IoT can transform insurance.

IoT and insurance infographic

IoT and insurance infographic

Find out how to transform insurance with the power of weather data, advanced analytics, and the Internet of Things with IBM Watson IoT.