How do you supply clean water to a city beneath the sea?

Waternet in Amsterdam, NL depends upon IBM Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management

By , | 3 minute read | July 19, 2019

The Netherlands

You drink it, grow with it, clean with it and use it to transport goods. Fresh, clean water is essential to life on our planet. So when you’re responsible for water for over one million people who are living below sea level, you can’t afford to take risks. This is why Waternet in Amsterdam, NL depends upon IBM Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), bolstered by the expertise of their local IBM Business Partner, ZNAPZ.

The Netherlands is especially sensitive to water issues

Neder lands, or lower countries: the very name of this nation describes its topology. Only about 50% of the land is more than a meter (39.4 inches) above sea level. These areas, called polders, were originally reclaimed from swamps, lakes and ponds in the 16th century. Over the centuries, the polders have expanded exponentially. Their fertile soil has made the Netherlands the world’s second largest exporter of food and agricultural products, including the glorious tulip. In 1637, a single bulb cost ten times the salary of a skilled worker. Today, expansive fields of these beautiful, affordable blossoms are synonymous with the Dutch.

Fed by canals that also serve as transportation lanes, the agricultural industry, and the nation’s economy, are critically dependent upon water.

To complicate matters further, the Netherlands is a relatively small country that is home to a population of over 17 million people. It’s one of the most densely inhabited countries in the world. And each individual uses an average of 150 liters (33 gallons) of water each day.

With so much at stake, the uninterrupted availability of clean, fresh water is of paramount importance to the Dutch. The people in the Amsterdam region entrust their needs to the 1,800 talented professionals at Waternet.

Waternet manages thousands of assets each day

Unlike most water management organizations in Holland, Waternet manages the entire water lifecycle. They produce clean, fresh tap water. They make certain that wastewater and rainwater flow into the sewer system, and they treat it before they release it back into nature.

Waternet manages the entire water lifecycle in the Amsterdam region

Waternet manages the entire water lifecycle in the Amsterdam region

The company also monitors surface water to ensure it’s at the right levels. And they maintain dykes, clean the canals and maintain an unobstructed and uninterrupted water flow.

This is a monumental task that requires the continuous functioning of thousands of units, such as sensors, monitors, pumps, trucks, bridges, sluices and dredges. As Louis van Parera of Waternet says, “We run assets and these assets have to perform.”

To maintain their reliability and functionality, Waternet depends upon ZNAPZ and IBM Maximo enterprise asset management solutions.

IBM Maximo EAM helps keep the taps in Amsterdam flowing

IBM Maximo is the world’s leading enterprise asset management solution. Waternet has depended upon their EAM installation for over 15 years.

IBM Maximo, IoT collects data from people, sensors and devices. It analyzes it to provide the insights that decision-makers need to make optimize operations. So rather than plan asset maintenance according to calendars, as in the past, users are able to schedule maintenance based on specific criteria for each individual unit.

The IBM Maximo solution is compatible with all asset types no matter where they reside. It allows users to set up new assets quickly, and upgrade EAM software automatically. The result is real-time visibility, non-stop uptime, reduced costs and minimized risk.

It’s not simply implementation, it’s a view to the future

To optimize their EAM system and to shepherd it to maturity, Waternet depends upon IBM Business Partner, ZNAPZ. As ZNAPZ Solution Architect Jan-Willem Steur tells us, their job isn’t restricted to examining today’s needs. It also requires that they look ahead and plan for the future – and not only in terms of assets. “The predictive nature isn’t just related to assets. It’s about a question of where the entire project is going.”

If your future includes enterprise asset management, you’ll want to learn more about IBM Maximo. I suggest you begin your journey by watching this informative interview with professionals from Waternet and ZNAPZ.

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