‘Home James’ – talking about self-driving vehicles at Upshift 2016

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What’s the future of mobility? How soon will we see self-driving cars? With ever increasing numbers of us living in cities, will we be able to get around or will we be trapped in perpetual gridlock?  These are some of the thorny topics that AutoBlog wrestles with and on 6 October in Detroit, Michigan, they’re hosting ‘Upshift 2016’. The event will bring together experts in the field to share their thoughts on all things auto, among them Bret Greenstein, IBM’s VP of Watson Internet of Things Platform.

Bret’s a tech heavy weight with over 27 years in various parts of IBM. He’s also a practical engineer. If you wanted to turn your bedroom light off, you’d probably get out of bed and go over to the switch. Bret  just wanted to say ‘goodnight’ from bed, so built a solution using the Internet of Things to do just that. In fact, he could use turn his bedroom light off from anywhere on the planet!

IoT in Automotive at Upshift 2016

Bret leads teams that help clients design, build and operate connected devices using the Internet of Things – at scale. Upshift 2016 will be a great chance to hear more about the solutions that the team are building using IoT for Automotive. With Ford’s recent announcement that they intend to have fully autonomous vehicles in commercial operation for a ride-hailing or ride-sharing service beginning in 2021, self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality.

Talk to ‘Olli’, Local Motor’s self-driving car

In fact, you don’t have to wait 5 years. Self-driving cars are here now. Take a trip in ‘Olli’ at Maryland’s National Harbor and instead of concentrating on the road ahead, chat to Olli who uses IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities to chat back. Saying ‘goodnight’ to switch off your bedroom light is just the start. Imagine getting into your car and saying ‘Home James’ and sitting back and relaxing whilst you’re ferried home, perhaps doing a spot of shopping or catching a movie on the way.

For more on autonomous driving, mobility & infrastructure, security & privacy, design and economics, drive on over to Upshift 2016 (or ask your self-driving car to) and hear Bret and a host of other speakers talk about the latest IoT in Automotive updates and future trends.

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