Rain or shine, make weather an asset, not an adversary

Plan for and respond to critical weather events with advanced analytics to ensure business continuity

By | 2 minute read | September 21, 2020

Maintenance technician in the rain

In 2019, there were 373 catastrophic weather events, like droughts or floods, globally causing $229 billion in economic loss. In 2020 there were 22 separate billion-dollar disasters in the U.S. alone, shattering the previous record. And so far in 2021 we are already seeing impact caused by extreme weather events around the world, including:

Minimizing weather-related disruption to business operations requires more than just weather data. Leading companies must employ advanced analytics and intelligent workflows to reimagine processes and better predict how weather will impact their assets, employees and customers. Today, decisions about the weather are decisions about business. In fact, in 2018 we surveyed 1,000 global C-level executives representing 13 industries and 15 countries and learned that:

  • 99% believe improved weather insights reduce annual operating costs.
  • 93% believe improved weather insights can positively impact annual revenue growth.

99% believe improved weather insights reduce annual operating costs.

Introducing the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

Today, leading asset managers are developing new insights and intelligent workflows to reduce weather-related disruption to their business operations. In response to their needs, IBM has taken the next step with the latest enhancements in the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, a one-stop shop designed to break the silos between data science, data engineering and operations, and instantly convert data insights to actions.

With Environmental Intelligence Suite, clients no longer trade off customizability for scalability. This suite of applications combines The Weather Company’s industry-leading weather technologies with IBM’s rich analytics and enterprise software expertise. Modular in approach, IBM provides application components that address specific needs in the end-to-end workflow from insight generation to workforce mobilization. Clients can conveniently design the solutions with IBM based on the individual needs and implement the solution across the organizations without having to compromise on scalability and cost.

Core applications accessible in the Environmental Intelligence Suite include:

  • Weather API services, built with the expertise of The Weather Company, that provide access to a variety of weather data such as highly accurate, hyperlocal forecast, historical data and industry-specific packages (i.e. agriculture, aviation and renewable energy).
  • Geospatial Analytics engine that brings 6 petabytes of geospatial-temporal datasets to equip the business with a unique set of knowledge, imperative to maintaining leadership in the era of machine learning and AI.
  • Operations Dashboards that connect data insights to visual representations so that anyone in the company can understand and take action.
  • Scalable Alert Console that pushes out alerts to the thousands of personnel, at the right time and place.

Fair or foul, when weather strikes, the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is a suite of applications that allows IBM clients to plan for and respond to critical weather events to avoid outages and ensure business continuity.