IBM’s Harriet Green named as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business 2017

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This year sees Fast Company name IBM’s Harriet Green as one of its 100 Most Creative People in Business for 2017. From senators to creative directors, this award gives recognition to leaders who are shaping the future of business in the most creative ways. Today’s quick shifting business landscape requires experts of business, art, technology, and social good to act on their visions in fearless ways. As part of this exclusive community of influencers around the globe, Harriet will join the ranks of Fast Company’s Most Creative People community.

Green has been recognized by Fast Company for alerting businesses to Watson’s potential, and in particular helping three companies:

  • BMW partnered with IBM to use Watson’s capabilities in the i8 hybrid sports car.
  • The world’s leading ball-bearings manufacturer, Schaeffler is using Watson to maximize data collection from sensors on their machinery.
  • In 2015, Green helped North Face create a personal shopper for their web and mobile apps, which sees Watson give recommendations tailored to our needs.

Since joining IBM in September 2015 as General Manager, Watson Internet of Things, Customer Engagement, and Education Harriet has endeavored to keep IBM innovative.

5 of the most creative business examples Green has showcased


At major conferences throughout last year and this, Harriet has showcased Olli, the self-driving vehicle that talks and listens to passengers. Olli was created by Local Motors, enhanced by Watson IoT and Watson APIs, you can ask the cognitive car a question, for example where’s a good place for dinner and it will answer and take you there.

Sesame street in education

Green has overseen IBM and Sesame Street’s collaborate to create the next generation of tailored learning tools. No one knows early education and preschoolers like Sesame Street, quite like no one understands cognitive technology like Watson. This collaboration looks to combine Sesame Street’s expertise in education and storytelling with IBM Watson technologies and doing so deliver personalized educational experiences which adapts to the way individual children learn best.

IBM's Harriet Green with Elmo from Sesame Street

IBM’s Harriet Green with Elmo from Sesame Street


Harriet has overseen IBM’s collaboration with the hearing pioneers Bragi to take the power of Watson IoT directly to the ear. It has innovated a new generation of smart earphones which are some of the world’s most powerful micro-wearable computers with 27 unique sensors that can measure a user’s vital signs while augmenting their communications and interactivity.

Harriet Green wearing Bragi headphones

Harriet Green wearing Bragi headphones

Live on BBC’s Newsnight

In August last year, Green went live on BBC’s Newsnight to discuss the Internet of Things (IoT) and how the use of data is changing, which helped bring the industry into the public eye for those who knew little about it. You can re-watch her interview with Evan Davis.

IoT HQ opening

In February this year, IBM’s new IoT HQ opened in Munich, Germany. Green spearheaded the project since joining the company back in 2015 and it saw IBM open a $200 million building, which houses some of the best industry labs producing some of the most innovative ideas and solutions.

Through her time, Green has ensured that IBM has remained a top competitor in the IoT industry and will continue to help the company drive innovation with new partners and possibilities.

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