InterConnect keynote: Ginni Rometty, Watson cloud

By | 4 minute read | March 21, 2017

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How cloud is changing business and the world

IBM’s Chairman, President and CEO took to the InterConnect Stage to discuss how the Cloud is changing both business and society. She states that IBM’s cloud is the platform for the next era of business as it can help companies do things never done before. It enables you to make architectural decisions and determines how a company runs. She brings to light why the IBM platform is for the new era of business in three points.

Enterprise strong

Having a strong public cloud but designed for industry with choice and consistency, is crucial. It must be more secure than on-prem and have a secure pipeline for the future. A strong public cloud isn’t just about scale, it’s about data sovereignty. She mentions that IBM Cloud is being used in China through Wanda Group, which is the most important private company in the country.

IBM's Ginni Rometty talks cloud at InterConnect

IBM’s Ginni Rometty talks cloud at InterConnect

She states that a cloud which knows about the industries is vital. For example, automotive, aerospace or consumer electronics, IBM is the only IoT platform taking half a petabyte of data from devices per day. The security needs to be even stronger than on-prem. The IBM Cloud is secured from top to bottom, using Watson to monitor and ensure our professionals use it for cyber security.

Ginni emphasises that an enterprise strong Cloud supports Blockchain and how it will do for trusted transactions what the internet has done for information because anything can be exchanged in a safe and secure way.

IBM currently has 400 projects on Blockchain. In supply chains, food safety Walmart. Yesterday, we released in production V.1 of the Hyper Leger Fabric. Another big innovation is quantum which allows you to – once again – solve problems you never knew you had. All this innovation is enterprise strong.

After thanking clients for trusting and working on the IBM Cloud, Ginni states how clients will become cognitive, and how it’ll separate the winners and the losers. Data first and cognitive at the core will make them future proof.

Data first

Data is the world’s next natural resource. The value of the data and extracting the information and insights will change how we make every decision. IBM will help companies get a competitive advantage. This is done in two ways:

  • Data diversity: data sky rockers with cognitive. Having public, private and licensed data and the ability to mix it together.
  • Data control: Give you controlled access, data locality and data isolation so it’s not co-mingled.

Cognitive at the core

Cloud with full range of these capabilities. Watson starts at one side with machine learning, then it’s AI and then cognitive – the real ability to learn and understand. If you’re cognitive at the core, need the 5 senses. Look at Watson:

  • Ability to look at images is better than any other AI engine, Watson can describe what’s in an image and have 95% accurate.
  • Humans miss 5% of words in conversation and Watson has 5.5% error rate.
  • Watson can read in 12 languages, which is 90% of the internet population.
  • IBM are the leader in motion, patterns, and sensors, e.g escalators and ball bearings.
  • Most important for Watson is its knowledge in industries and domains. Trained by experts, Watson understands the 80% of data not accessible by public search engines.


Ginni welcomed Chairman and CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff to the stage to discuss the global partnership with IBM, to to deliver joint artificial intelligence solutions that will enable companies to make smarter decisions, faster than ever before. The two will connect to enable seamless customer engagement across sales, services, marketing, commerce, etc.

IBM is invested in Global Business Services capabilities for Salesforce by rapidly deploying combined IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein capabilities.

New insights will be brought form Watson to use within the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform, combining deep customer insights from Salesforce, with Watson’s structed and unstructured data across multiple industries. Together, Watson and Einstein will ingest, reason and create recommendations to accelerate decision making and drive customer success.

Ginni then introduced the Chairman and CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson. They discussed the new AT&T partenership with IBM, you can get more details here.

She then welcomes Royal Bank of Canada’s Bruss Ross to the stage, to discuss innovations and the RBC’s partnership with IBM which you can read about here.

Ginni’s final guest has the goal to have 1 million girls code by the year 2020, CEO of Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani.

Ginni wraps up by saying Cloud will have the greatest impact on society, she states that IBM wants to work with companies and industry professions to help with students and citizens to make this world more just, fair, and overall much better.

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