Fitly SmartPlate receives funding from Arrow & Indiegogo

By | 2 minute read | July 7, 2017

Following on from a previous story about Fitly SmartPlate – a calorie tracking device which uses Watson IoT Platform, we’re pleased to learn that on Wednesday  July 5, Indiegogo and partner Arrow announced SmartPlate is to be on the receiving end of $100,000 in flash funding.

Taking on ‘portion distortion’

Studies show even health-conscious eaters struggle with estimating portion sizes. People underestimate their overall food intake by an average of 30 percent and sometimes as much as 40 percent for some groups, including women and people struggling with obesity. For people working towards fitness and performance goals, the ‘portion distortion’ is made even worse when viewed through the psychological and metabolic effects of exercise and sports training on food intake.

Connected devices are disrupting people from all walks of life in extremely positive ways by allowing them to track and analyze just about any kind of activity. By providing insight to help people make smarter food choices, the Fitly SmartPlate is poised to do the same for nutrition, effectively removing obstacles which could prevent people from changing their lifestyle.

The world’s most intelligent SmartPlate

Fitly CEO, Anthony Ortiz, first conceived the device after Ortiz’s father went through triple bypass surgery. Ortiz states: “So many people struggle with diseases like obesity, heart disease or diabetes that can be treated with better food habits. It just resonates. We always tell our story at the beginning of every pitch. It’s so important because that’s when people identify with our mission.”  SmartPlate is the world’s first intelligent nutrition platform – capable of instantly analyzing an entire meal with the highest degree of accuracy. It’s like a wearable, but for food.

Figure 1: Fitly SmartPlate

Figure 1: Fitly SmartPlate

Using Smart Plate’s portable plate and app, users may accurately analyze and log what they are eating in seconds with Food Recognition Technology. Its AI tracks the calories, carbs, fat, fiber, sugar and sodium in your entire meal. All they have to do is take a photo of it.

Fitly’s technology relies on advanced image recognition and weight sensors to identify and weigh everything from single foods to prepared meals within seconds. First, food is identified through a proprietary image recognition system. Second, the load sensors weigh the known food, and then the app sends both the image and weight data to a proprietary cloud for analysis. Finally, nutritional information is relayed back to the user’s mobile device application.

The premium app allows a user to select one of five goal-specific programs (or create a custom plan), pair with the countertop device for precision image recognition, analysis, and tracking of macro and micro-nutrients, access a database of hundreds of thousands of packaged and restaurant items for tracking on-the-go, and get helpful tips and feedback to stay on track.

The SmartPlate also includes alerts and notifications which can be tailored to remind consumers when to eat, hydrate, and much more.

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