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The value of enterprise asset management in three use cases

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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and efficiency

Regardless of your industry, your company likely wants to maximize asset performance, streamline operations, increase productivity, boost efficiency and reduce costs.

Here are a few ways an integrated asset management approach can help you meet those goals:

  • For buildings, you can reduce energy costs by as much as 20%
  • You can increase your return on assets by 10%
  • Added mobility can improve the effectiveness of your labor by 5%
  • For one aerospace client, we helped reduce wing production time by 36% delivering savings of 18 million Euros

With IBM’s integrated or “end-to-end” approach to asset management, we provide processes, technology and consulting services to increase your organization’s visibility into—and automation and control of—your critical assets.

Maximo Asset Management helps organizations in a multitude of industries better manage their critical assets through all stages of the lifecycle. With Maximo, businesses can extend asset lifespan, maximize return on investment (ROI) and return on assets (ROA), mitigate risk, optimize labor efficiency and supply chains as well as enhance operational effectiveness.

Use case: Efficiency in renewable energy

Consider one of our renewable energy customers. IBM helped the client process complex geological and meteorological data, energy prices, aerodynamics and turbine efficiency to determine the ideal location and orientation of their turbines. Using data modelling, we can predict the amount of power output before the first turbine started turning, and reduce the time it takes to get them turning at maximum efficiency.

Use case: Productivity in buildings

Powerful computer modelling creates virtual spaces so realistic that clients can interact with and modify their layouts to enhance productivity and safety. The energy efficiency of the virtual building, its future use and even its decommission can be determined before committing to concrete.

Use case: Predictive maintenance in oil & gas

When one of the world’s biggest oil companies asked for complete operational integration, we could assist them from their first search for oil through to shipping the barrels. Predictive maintenance enables our systems to monitor production across entire facilities—even predicting possible failures.

Want to know more about how Maximo can help you cut costs and increase productivity and efficiency?  Watch this explainer video or get in touch with a representative today.

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