Double Queen’s Birthday Honours for Raspberry Pi

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Sunday 11 June was Queen Elizabeth II’s official 90th birthday. In her Birthday Honours List she awarded Raspberry Pi ‘s inventor Dr. Eben Upton a CBE. Her ‘real’ birthday was in April, when it become Britain’s best-selling computer – a double celebration.

Don’t Rain on a British Parade

Why do Royals have two birthdays? The British Weather! In 1748 King George introduced an official birthday to ensure good weather for the traditional military parade the ‘Trooping of the Colour’. Being Britain, it still invariably rains. The second celebration, come rain or shine, is the publication of the Birthday Honours List. The List recognises citizens who have contributed the most to their country.

Bravery, Training, Service

This year, Dr. Eben Upton, the Raspberry Pi’s inventor, was granted the Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. I suspect he refers to it as a ‘CBE’ as most folk do. The ‘Honours’ hark back to medieval codes of chivalry which championed ‘bravery, individual training and service to others’. The CBE in particular recognises contributions to the arts and sciences, work with charities and for public service.

Raspberry Pi Most Popular British Computer

In April 2016, around the time the Queen celebrated her ‘real’ birthday, the Raspberry Pi became the most popular British computer ever made with 8 million sold since Dr. Upton’s invention in 2012. He also helped to set up the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote computer science among the young, and put the fun back into learning computing.

An entry point to the Internet of Things

The Raspberry Pi is an easy entry point to the Internet of Things (Iot). In less that 10 minutes you can connect a Raspberry Pi to the Watson IoT Platform and start building apps. There are limitless projects or ‘recipes’ to try from changing the colour of your room lights to match the temperature to building a foosball table.

Congratulations to Dr. Upton. What will you try with IoT on Raspberry Pi?

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