Doing the robot: Watson really is all singing, all dancing

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Watson Nao, IBM’s concierge robot had the chance to bust some moves at the Nvidia’s GTU technology conference last week, thanks to a presentation by IBM Watson’s Chief Technology Officer Rob High.

Nao decided took the opportunity to show his / her / its human side and sang a catchy version of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” along with a few signature dance moves.

Nao, who is currently working as a concierge at a handful of Hilton hotels, helping guests with their questions, seemed to relish the spotlight. He / She / It followed up the “Shake It Off” star turn with an enthusiastic “Gangman Style” dance routine, much to the delight of the conference guests.

We can certainly say that if Nao’s concierge career, or super computer status doesn’t take him / her / it far, there’s certainly a place on stage!

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