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David Haase rides with IoT data

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Dave Haase, four-time top American finisher in the Race Across America (RAAM) is setting off once again. The Race Across America is a cycling race like none you have seen before. The race spans three thousand miles, from the pacific to the Atlantic. The race begins in Oceanside California and ends in Annapolis, Maryland. Cyclists ride across the country across an elevation range of two miles. This extraordinary race has been awarded the title, “the toughest test of endurance in the world” by Outside magazine. Dave Haase is one of only 200 ultra cyclists in the world who have completed the RAAM.

With the support of IBM Watson IoT analytics, Dave began his ride on Saturday, June 11th. Last year, IBM introduced the “Internet of Dave,” in which all aspects of Dave’s ride were closely monitored and analyzed by Watson technologies to streamline Dave’s ride. With the internet of things, Dave knows when he should sleep, when he needs to take a break, when the weather is going to get rough and he should get off the roads, etc. With analytics, Dave gains the support he needs to not only ride 3,000 miles in nine days, but to win the race.

The race technology and IoT

The internet of Dave includes Shimano D-Fly, Qurq Power Meter, Equivital harness, Di2 DFly, AT&T Network and New Galaxy S7 Active equipment, Satellite connection, Wifi access, as well as Garmin Connect technology in addition to local weather data. All of these devices will provide information about Dave’s speed, cadence (or RPMs), power, core temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, as well as upcoming weather changes and storm alerts. All of the data from these devices will stream to the Watson IoT Analytics Platform where it is analyzed, digested, and simplified, and then fed back to Dave’s support team who can then inform him how he should proceed. For example, the platform will read data indicating that Dave’s core temperature has risen and that there is a storm coming, and then will suggest that Dave should rest until the storm passes in half an hour. In this way, Dave has all the support that he needs, even if he is alone on the road.

Garmin connect acts as a multifunction window into the internet of things. Dave’s Garmin Smartwatch will display directions, weather data, as well as notes and messages for Dave to view on the go. As he spends thirty hours at a time on his bike, he needs all of this information hands free. The Garmin will help Dave see graphs of his pacing, and valuable analysis regarding his progress across the United States.

The IoT advantage

The goal of this partnership is to ensure a safer and smarter ride for Dave. By connecting to the Internet of Things, Dave can have a support team anywhere he goes. This support network serves to ensure that Dave remains on track to winning the Race Across America. With a medical team monitoring his health, analytical breakdowns from the Watson IoT Platform, and constant support and connection to his fans, Dave is uniquely qualified and prepared to complete this herculean journey.

For more information on how a second place finisher shoots again for first place you should read the blog written by Susan Visser, cyclist, traveler, and social media expert.

Join in cheering on Dave by watching the fan experience and cycling tracker live during the race.

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