Realize the potential of data in the cognitive era with Watson IoT

By | 1 minute read | March 8, 2017

Cognitive future through operations

From the time we wake up in the morning, until the time we return to bed, and everything we do in between, there are sources of data. It can be drawn from every action, interaction, the things we use, see and experience. Inter-connecting these sources of data is the ‘Internet of Things’. However, just inter-connecting them is not enough.

Big Data Analytics & Internet of Things (IoT)

Huge pools of data from all kinds of sources, including devices and machines, social interactions, sensors, etc, allow for in-depth analysis. Big Data Analytics allows you to draw meaningful insights, that in turn will help you make accurate decisions. The accuracy of decisions is directly proportional to the volume of data from multiple sources. The more data there is to perform analytics on, the better the chances of accurate inferences and insights. This is exactly what is fueling the adoption of IoT where multiple sources of data are interlinked.

Dawn of the Cognitive Era

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Self-Reliant Systems are some of the terminologies that you may have observed or heard of very recently. Institutions and organizations are investing millions of dollars into research for such capabilities – which are otherwise known as Cognitive Systems. These are systems that are able to make rationale decisions and take actions. Projects like Connected Vehicles, Smart Homes, Connected Factories are the ones that are currently leveraging on cognitive and IoT capabilities. There is huge potential for commercialization of these capabilities, which will completely change the way we do business now, significantly increase operational efficiencies, and more importantly, it will change the way we live.

Cognitive solutions in action

IBM Watson IoT solutions can help you harness the power of IoT and cognitive capabilities. There are organizations that have already started to adopt these capabilities using IBM Watson IoT solutions. See in this three-minute video, first published 10th February 2016, how some industry leading organizations like SilverHook Powerboats, TP Vision, and Honda are creating operational efficiency, better safety features and better customer experiences by utilizing IBM IoT services.

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