Fitly’s SmartPlate takes cognitive to heart with Watson IoT

By | 4 minute read | March 20, 2017

Smart plate

Fitly is a two-time Digital Health award winner with a proven track record for vetted technological innovation. Backed by medical, research, and financial institutions in the U.S. such as Penn Medicine, University City Science Center, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Fitly is creating a new category in healthcare aptly called “Culinary Medicine.”

Fitly was first conceived after Anthony Ortiz’s father went through triple bypass surgery. The ordeal proved to be extremely stressful and worrying for all concerned – for his father and the entire family. The realization that such a dangerous condition could have been prevented through simple diet changes inspired Anthony Ortiz, Fitly Founder and CEO, to take action.

Tackling a problem faced by millions of people

Anthony’s family isn’t alone. There are millions of people like Anthony’s father. Individuals who need to lead a healthier lifestyle, lose a few pounds, and manage a dietary condition, but who find current solutions to be time-consuming, frustrating and worst of all – inaccurate. Fitly offers an easy to use solution that can make a lasting impact to millions of lives.

Taking on ‘portion distortion’

Studies show even health-conscious eaters struggle with estimating portion sizes. People underestimate their overall food intake by an average of 30 percent and sometimes as much as 40 percent for some groups, including women and people struggling with obesity. For people working towards fitness and performance goals, the “portion distortion” is made even worse when viewed through the psychological and metabolic effects of exercise and sports training on food intake.

Connected devices are disrupting people from all walks of life in extremely positive ways by allowing them to track and analyze just about any kind of activity. By providing insight to help people make smarter food choices, the Fitly SmartPlate is poised to do the same for nutrition, effectively removing obstacles which could prevent people from changing their lifestyle.

The world’s most intelligent plate

The Fitly team designed and created SmartPlate, the world’s first intelligent nutrition platform that instantly analyzes a user’s entire meal with the highest degree of accuracy. It’s like a wearable, but for food.

Fitly’s patent-pending technology relies on advanced image recognition and weight sensors to identify and weigh everything from single foods to prepared meals within seconds. First, food is identified through a proprietary image recognition system. Second, the load sensors weigh the known food, and then the app sends both the image and weight data to a proprietary cloud for analysis. Finally, nutritional information is relayed back to the user’s mobile device application.

The premium app allows a user to select one of five goal-specific programs (or create a custom plan), pair with the countertop device for precision image recognition, analysis, and tracking of macro and micronutrients, access a database of hundreds of thousands of packaged and restaurant items for tracking on-the-go, and get helpful tips and feedback to stay on track.

The SmartPlate also includes alerts and notifications which can be tailored to remind consumers when to eat, hydrate, and much more.



Taking a cognitive approach to heart

SmartPlate’s secret sauce is hardware assisted artificial intelligence. The team has built the most accurate food classifier on the market, one which has been tested and validated by an independent party. Fitly holds three issued patents (two utility and one design), plus four non-provisional patents-pending. The SmartPlate experience is designed to help the user achieve their health goals much faster.

An entrepreneur’s dream team: Indiegogo, Arrow and IBM

The Internet of Things involves large amounts of data. Fitly’s goal is to find patterns and insights into user behaviour. The biggest challenge for Fitly is the ability to reach the right conclusions from the tons of available data. This is where Watson IoT and machine learning really come into their own. Fitly leverages IBM’s powerful cloud service to build and test our technology.

By working together with Indiegogo, Fitly was able to successfully raise the necessary capital to bring their innovative solution to market. Arrow has also been instrumental in helping Fitly to take the product from a prototype with limited functions, to the versatile product available today.

What does the future hold?

Passion and a great team are the two things which have sustained and support the company’s vision. Fitly is working on additional products and will be introducing them to the market in the near future. SmartPlate TopView is one product which will be finding its way into the healthcare world very soon.

Get a taste of SmartPlate

Fitly invites users to get a taste of SmartPlate’s industry-leading image recognition by downloading the SmartPlate app for free. While an app alone can never deliver the same precision analysis available by pairing with the data collected by the SmartPlate countertop device, it will make tracking a breeze with one-snap access and predictive searching of the same expansive database of foods. It features photo recognition of 1,000+ foods, text searching of hundreds of thousands more, simple macronutrient tracking, and expert prompts to guide users towards weight management goal.

Learn more

To learn more about the SmartPlate campaign, visit the Indiegogo campaign site or the Fitly website.