The road to the cognitive future runs through operations

By | 1 minute read | February 1, 2017

We are still in the early days of the cognitive era, but a new study by the IBM Institute for Business Value indicates that many COOs are already taking notice and reaping rewards. By adopting intelligent analytics, businesses are transforming their operations and reporting significant ROI as a result.

The benefits of cognitive computing

Our survey found that the benefits of cognitive computing are compelling for senior business leaders in operations. By connecting every possible IoT device and driving for analytics-led cognitive insights from the data collected, business leaders are able to optimize their asset management, automate factories and heavy industrial equipment with IoT sensors and robotics, reduce energy consumption, and better manage their inventory.

 Pack leaders

Surveyed executives

Cognitive computing  

Here are three major takeaways from our recent global survey on digital operations:

  • High performing companies are leading the way: Successful companies are more focused on digital operations than their competitors. We found that respondents with higher revenue growth are integrating IoT and digital operations at a company-wide level.
  • More than just hype: In just the last year, the criticality of increasing real-time visibility into global operations has surged 44%. Businesses are turning to technologies like IoT, cloud, advanced analytics and mobile to meet this challenge — and they’re finding this approach is already delivering greater ROI.
  • The path to cognitive is accelerating: C-level buy-in for digital operations initiatives is growing as leaders continue to recognize the benefits. Our report indicates that many companies are planning prototypes and pilots to explore cognitive computing in all areas of operations in the very near future.

Is your business ready for the cognitive future of operations? Do you have a plan for driving your digital agenda, and optimizing your digital and physical assets?

The new report from the IBM Institute for Business Value, Who’s Leading the Cognitive Pack in Digital Operations?, can help you help you think through these questions and more, by showing you real-world data to back up the business case for digital operations.