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The IBM QuickBYTES interview: Combitech AB/Saab

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Ahead of next week’s Watson IoT Continuous Engineering Summit 2017 (November 15-17 in New Orleans), we’re asking attendees for some thoughts about the event and the latest technology trends.

What are you most looking forward to at the CE Summit this year?

As newcomer to this community, I’m hoping to learn about the frontier areas related this conference. And, of course, to know more about the community itself.

What do you see as the biggest trends in Watson IoT technology today?

IoT in general is starting to become commodity, and the focus is shifting towards generating value from the captured data, i.e. analytics. AI drives a lot of spectacular examples, but in a more classical problem domain like predictive maintenance, there is a lot of value to addressed by the new analytical capabilities.

What advice would you give to future engineers?

The value lies in data rather than in functions.

How does CE help drive a connected, software-driven world?

It helps in a concrete way to be agile and still be able to deliver, when the contexts are complex and hard to predict. The key is to be fast to reach a stable and working system along the whole value chain.

What do you see as the biggest risks or challenges for CE or IoT?

Achieving competence and human resources, and cybersecurity.

How is the world of continuous engineering changing and evolving with today’s technology?

We are being transformed by the cloud-powered capabilities, which will change our perspective to avoid building in-house proprietary systems when, instead, the data itself is the only value. Speed is the important driver for the in-house solutions.

What is the goal of your session at the CE Summit?

To describe the experiences from the transformation into a model-based approach by Saab for the development of the Swedish fighter aircraft.

What app can you not live without?

Choose only one? Podcasts have changed my life on how to learn new things, so that would be my favorite.

What is your favorite thing about New Orleans?

In one word, jazz.

When was the last time you checked your phone?

Five minutes ago.


For more information about the 2017 Watson IoT Continuous Engineering Summit, visit the event page.

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