CES 2017 wrap-up: Thursday 5th January

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Today was the first day of CES 2017, and some of the IoT team were on the scene to find out first hand what technology trends are going to be hot this year. To the CES newbie, one thing is quickly apparent: this thing is big. I mean, huge. There are literally hundreds of  conferences, key note speeches, exhibits and media events across the three main venues: Tech West, Tech East, and Tech South.

This is a very selective round-up of some of today’s highlights. Trending themes where the IoT is concerned were sports and fitness, security, smart cities and homes and the connected vehicle.

Meeting and greeting

Given the size of this event, it’s hardly surprising that some of today’s openers were aimed at helping the punters find their way around. StoryTech gave a briefing around the top trends for 2017, and an overview of ‘must see’ exhibitors. Meanwhile Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association presented a keynote address to kick things off.

Introducing the Internet of Things

A handy round-up for rookies and more experienced IoT-ers alike, a team of speakers presented a conference headed ‘Internet of Things: Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities’; taking a look beyond the gadgets at the wider potential.

Sport and fitness

The FitnessTech Summit kicked off today at 8am (you go-getters, you), and there were some interesting conferences around fitness wearables. Venture capitalist Brad Feld and Fitbit co-founder James Park discussed the evolution of Fitbit, arguably one of the best known fitness wearables out there.

Of particular interest to IBMers, given our work with the U.S. Women’s Cycling Team, was ‘Life off the court’, a conference examining unique tech-driven partnerships with the world’s leading athletes. The panel discussed how technology can enhance an athlete’s brand and offer connection with sports fans.

Tech magazine ‘Stuff’ was on the prowl today scouring CES for the best new wearables. Watch this space for the award winners – but we think they’re going to look good as well as work hard. A bit like the IoT team. Just kidding.

Connectivity and 5G

Where would the IoT be without decent connectivity? Stopped short, that’s where, so it’s a good job we’re already thinking about super fast and super sturdy connectivity in the form of 5G. ‘Artificial Autonomous Intelligence in 5G Networks’ had a look at the networks of the future with the ability to transport petabytes of data (yes that’s a real thing), and the impact of AAI on the cloud.

Security’s the word

Greater connectivity unfortunately means a goldmine for determined hackers, and it’s not something we can afford to ignore. ‘Battening Down the Hatches: Data and Devices’ explores the tools we need to keep connected devices safe.

Connected vehicles

2016 was a big year for self-driving cars and automated driver-assistants, so it’s no surprise to see this popping up at CES this year. This media event investigated how technology can train vehicles to emulate negotiation skills that are close to those of real humans, and combine them with extraordinary reaction times.

More from the IoT team

The team on the ground will be posting their findings this week. We’ll see you tomorrow with more juicy IoT tech goodness. Until then, I expect the guys are off to the CES opening night party at hot nightspot TAO. It is Vegas, after all.

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